When The Kid Is Away

The mom will play.

Well, normal moms, those with full social lives and friends might, play. I sort of just did what I always do, but in a quiet house. And that’s all good to me.

Caroline took off on her camping excursion around 11 am yesterday. Would you like to guess what I did first?

Here’s a clue:

Yep. Bye-bye yarn trap.


Order restored.

Next up: floor care.

And then I spent some time wishing we had purchased a couch to put in our rather sparse living room. But, as always, I reminded myself that an extra couch is just an extra thing we’ll have to move next year. Who knows how big our next home will be? Besides, where else would Caroline and her friends play, wrestle, fight, wreak havoc and plot evil?

Then I went to the commissary for all the things I didn’t buy at Trader Joe’s on Thursday.
Nothing exciting, but I did buy LOTS of berries.
Berries = summer. Normally I’m not a fan of summer, but I do like summer fruit.

The Gilmore Girls. Completely uninterrupted. That rarely happens.


Lots of laundry.

I even put it all way; instead of leaving it on top of the dryer for several days.

Don’t we have a charming laundry room/utility area? It also serves as a wrapping paper holding area and a running shoe shelf.

No, I don’t have four feet. I promise.

After burning my quads, hiking up the stairs with all that laundry, I spent some time at the computer. I wrote a few rather lengthy emails to Craig, as I’m currently determining the best accommodations for our marathon next January. YES, it’s seven months away, I know. But, hotels fill up quick. And, have I mentioned that I’m neurotic and will worry obsessively until the plans are finalized?

I found myself awfully frazzled with all the choices, pros and cons, and expressed this to Craig simply with the use of the word “Ack!”

I seem to end a lot of emails that way.

Time to walk away from the emails and have an iced coffee. A very creamy iced coffee at that. Half and half makes it all better.

And then some BFB. That’s Bedroom Floor Blogging.

Time for dinner.

Vegetable stir fry. And some unpictured frozen veggie egg rolls that I ate piping hot, which consequently burned the roof of my mouth.

Aw, little baby bok choy.

And then some other stuff happened that all went undocumented. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. I ate some ice cream, read blogs, did the dishes, watched boring television and then I went to bed.

I woke up this morning, bright and early, ready to tackle 10 miles.

I did it. It wasn’t entirely pretty, but I prevailed.




Caroline is home now, practically bursting with the excitment of her first camping trip. We’re heading to the pool later today and then it’s back to the daily grind tomorrow.

Happy Memorial Day!


2 responses

  1. Glad your living room is trap-free! I find it funny that you aren't all lovey-dovey with Craig, signing your emails "ack" instead of "love." LOL. I know you aren't all mushy and stuff, but with him so far away I thought you might be a little more affectionate! 🙂

  2. Ha!I know. Guilty as charged. I'm sure Craig is inclined to agree with you.Sometimes I write xoxox, sometimes it's a smiley face and on very rare occasions it's hugz n kizzez, but usually it's ack, blergh or argh, depending on the situation.I'm a mess!


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