I’d tell you about our day, but I’m having trouble remembering the details. That’s what old age and staying out in the sun all day will do to you!

Today was day one of a two day soccer tournament, so we spent the majority of our day melting into gigantic puddles at the soccer fields. The girls played well; they lost the first game and won the second. We go back for rounds three and four tomorrow, and unfortunately, it’s supposed to be hotter tomorrow. As if that is even possible.

I took pictures, but my camera is upstairs and my camera cord is in my bedroom on the third level. I’m pretty worn out…spectating can be very tiring, you know…so I’ll post them tomorrow.

This is just a quickie post, anyway.

Caroline, despite playing two very hard, hot soccer games, is outside playing right now. We left the game at 5:45, grabbed some dinner, made a pit stop for oranges and a giant peanut butter cookie at Whole Foods, came home and then she immediately went to play. She’s still wearing her uniform and I need to wash it.

Is it possible to have that much energy?

I did nothing but sit, drive, cheer, sweat and eat today and I’m dog tired. I ran 9 miles yesterday and wasn’t this tired.

Okay, time to find my kid and wash her stinky uniform. Glamorous, I know.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


2 responses

  1. Yep, a Frosty was had. And it was SO tasty. We happened upon Wendy's accidentally, somewhere near the soccer fields, which is great, because I couldn't think of one located near my house. I just love happy accidents.Our duty is done. And we ate them in your honor.


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