Your Daily Dose

of ME!

That’s what you’ve been waiting for, right?

I wish I had something interesting to report; I wish I had a fun filled day to recap. Oh, how I wish I did! Some people spend their weekends at the Farmer’s Market or having lunch with friends. Perhaps a trip to the mall is in store, or a winding drive through the country side. Or maybe a backyard bbq or visit to an amusement park.

And me?

Well, you know better than to expect such excitement from me.

My day started with the phone ringing at 7:32 am, awakening me from a hard fought slumber. I didn’t sleep well last night because my bed mate, a knobby kneed, personal space-be-damned 8 year old, invaded my territory no more than four times last night. I had to literally push her away four times.

Anyway, the phone woke me up at 7:32, but by the time I realized the sound I was hearing was the phone, I didn’t get there in time to answer. No biggie, though. It was Bailey, Caroline’s friend. Not exactly an emergency. Caroline was still asleep, but I decided to get up for the day. Since I was wide awake and all. The phone rang again at 8, but I *thought* Caroline was still sleeping so I told Bailey, that Caroline would call her later. Evidently Caroline woke up at 7:45; that’s what she told me when I discovered her on my side of the bed, with the tv on, playing her Nintendo DS.

Personal space? What’s that?

Bailey called again at 9 and the two girls were finally able to play. As it turns out, Bailey was calling repeatedly to let Caroline know that she now owns 150 Silly Bandz.

I’m so glad she felt compelled to call at 7:32 am to inform us.

The rest of the day was spent at the pool. Caroline and Bailey wanted to eat lunch at the pool, so I packed a lunch and we ventured to the pool a little after noon. But, we didn’t get settled until 12:30 because Bailey forgot her goggles at my house, so we had to turn around and go get them.

Lunch, swim, read, sweat. That’s how our afternoon went.

We didn’t leave until 4:45! But, then again, what else are we supposed to do?

I just hope the kids don’t get tired of the pool too early; I’m banking on it to be our primary source of summer time entertainment. If they get tired of the pool, I’m done. DONE. Like send me to the crazy house, done.

After our epic pool trip, we arrived home and naturally Caroline was ready to play outside. Not 30 minutes later, she came home with a prospective sleep over friend. I’ve discovered that Caroline runs on two speeds: fast and faster. The very thought of not using every single free moment of her time playing or being with other people is painful to her. Down time, quiet time, alone time are all foreign concepts.

In this respect, she and I are complete opposites.

With the exception of our similar love of structure, detail and rule following, Caroline and I are pretty much opposites. Sometimes I look at her and wonder how she is mine. She’s an extroverted, social butterfly; long and lean with green eyes, light hair and rounded features. I’m an introverted homebody; short and not lean, with dark hair and pointy features. She’s definitely Craig’s kid, even down to their hands and feet.

I once was asked if I was Caroline’s nanny. Except for the fact that I CLEARLY remember giving birth to her, I can see how others might think that.

Anyway, we have a sleepover guest this evening. Another honorary daughter joining the ranks of the chosen few.

So far, since school has let out three days ago, I’ve fed at least one extra kid at lunch time each day, taken five different girls to the pool and held two sleepovers.


That’s all I can say.


4 responses

  1. Ha ha… I am right there with you sister… We never do anything exciting. My friend who is a single dad shows me up all of the time, lol (not in a bad way… he just always knows fun stuff to do). I think I should take more careful notes!

  2. Oh, I know. I'm guilty of falling into a rut. Between the heat, the high traffic area we live in and a kid who doesn't like shopping unless it's for her, I often feel like just staying home. Unfortunately, being boring makes for a lack of blog fodder.Someday I'll be exciting.Er, maybe.

  3. I guess when you only have one kid, it is expected that there will be friends around for entertainment. I don't think I really had lots of friends over until middle school because our family was so busy, and I could entertain myself for hours with a book. If I lived near you I could be your play date.

  4. I was always good about entertaining myself. I loved to read (still do) but Caroline doesn't share my love. She reads just fine and doesn't complain when she has to read for homework, but as for pleasure? not so much.It's easier to take an extra kid to the pool because otherwise she'll bug me. If she has friends, I can read.


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