LIfe’s A Beach

We went to the beach today. We are in Florida, after all. When I was younger my parents owned a time share in the St. Petersburg area. While they no longer own it, the time share is still within the “family”, so we were lucky enough to go there today to use both the beach in front of the building and also the swimming pool.

We f0llowed up our wet morning with some really good and authentic New York style pizza, plus a little souvenir shopping and, of course, some ice cream. The beach and ice cream go hand in hand.

I realize that many of my current posts have been heavy on the pictures; I hope you don’t mind. Including a lot of pictures is a good way to make Craig jealous that we’re on vacation and he’s not help Craig live vicariously through us.

Last week at camp, which had a travel theme, Caroline made an Egyptian collar, which explains the “walk like an Egyptian” thing she has going on with her hands.

Our town has this really convenient drive up ice/water machine.

My dad is a coffee drinker. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on our way out of town and then made a pit stop at this swanky McDonalds.

Here we’re about to get on one of Tampa’s very large bridges.

The rest of the pictures speak for themselves.


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  1. Ok, I'm not anonymous anymore! I'm on summer break so I have time to read your blog. So you mean the sun was shining at the beach in Florida??????? Here is So. Cal. the sun has not come out until 2:00 each day! What kind of summer is that in California!I miss you guys!


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