Caroline learned an important lesson today: you have to suffer for beauty.

Her friend Bailey has pierced ears. And because most girls (young and old) want what their friends have, Caroline requested to get hers pierced, too. Since I had mine done at age 6, I really didn’t have any objections. Besides, she fully understood the potential pain of this procedure and she was fully prepared to suffer for her cause. The cause for beauty.

As a mother, and a fellow sufferer in the beautification army, how could I refuse?

She’s tough.

She receives shots with nary a flinch. And a blood draw? Three words: Piece. Of. Cake.

We Smith girls are put together with titanium bones, a strong will and an even stronger desire for beautifcation.

Caroline’s facial expressions post-piercing were priceless. It hurt more than she anticipated, but she didn’t want to let it show.

Like I said, she’s tough.

It’s hard not to smile now that you’re the proud owner of 14k white gold and blue crystal, petal earrings.

In the end, I think the pain was worth it.

It’s good to be a girl!


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  1. I had to wait until I was 13 and my dad was the one to go with me. It was a big deal for him to finally give me permission and he wanted to be part of it, I guess. But I'm glad he did, cause it is a really nice memory. He talked me through all the options of earrings and helped make sure the holes were in the right places. We did it at the mall in Gainesville and I picked out diamond earrings because I thought they would go with everything, unlike our yellow birthstone.


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