Disco Roller Queen

I used to be a disco roller queen. Actually, I’m a little too young for disco, so I suppose I was an 80s roller queen. I spent a lot of time on roller skates as a kid, at the rink and also outside with friends. We raced, choreographed routines and also pretended to be roller skating waitresses, complete with my own official menu pad. I had a lot of fun on those four wheels, but now that I’m older and clumsier than ever, it’s time to pass the roller queen torch on to Caroline.

Caroline’s one and only request while in Florida was to go to the Roller Barn. We don’t have a roller skating rink around here that doesn’t require a long drive, so this was a request I did my best to honor. The Roller Barn is a dump. It’s old, stinky, dingy and in dire need of refurbishment, but it’s a huge part of childhood in my town. Perhaps the dumpiness of the Roller Barn is part of its charm? By the time we moved to Florida when I was 15, I was too old to enjoy the charm of the Roller Barn. My younger sister, like most kids her age, had a birthday party at the Roller Barn once. It’s just how things are done around there.

On our final full day in Florida, I honored Caroline’s burning desire to visit the Roller Barn.

I sincerely apologize for the horrible picture quality. I’m kind of embarrassed to post them because they’re of such poor quality. Taking action shots in a dark roller skating rink is definitely not my forte. However, neither is pride, so I’ll just share them. I’m sure I’ve posted worse things before.

That carpet? Ugh. Dirty. Gross.

Not going to lie, I cringed when Caroline rested her chin on that carpet covered wall. I tried my best not to think about the germ infestation hiding within those walls…

or the floor. Shiver.

Aside from just skating in circles, the Roller Barn hosted whole slew of events.

Here’s Caroline, waiting for her turn to race.

Calling all 7 and 8 year olds.

On your mark, get set, GO.

Coming in 2nd isn’t too shabby.

We can’t forget the Hokey Pokey

Or the Chicken Dance.

Good times were had by all.

And, in typical Neurotic Housewife fashion, much hand sanitizer was applied afterwards.


4 responses

  1. I had no idea you were so in to roller skating. I haven't been on skates since Jan. 1, 1989. I broke my arm. I had previously sprained a wrist and an ankle on roller skates, and it was at the time of breaking my arm that I decided God did not intend for me to have wheels on my feet or I would have been born that way. This same philosophy applies to skis, wakeboards, and anything else that can be attached to your feet and make you go fast.

  2. Oh, I loved to roller skate. I'm trying to remember the name of the roller rink in Monterey that I went to a lot. Del Monte Gardens? I think that was it. When I lived in Southern California, we went to an outdoor rink called Rock and Roll Skating. Ah, the good old days!


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