When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Cleaning?

That’s what I do, anyway. Anytime I’m feeling frazzled and not in control, I start organizing things. I figure if I can’t control my life, I can at least control my clutter.

Am I the only one who does that?

When I’m stressed out, first I eat handfuls of chocolate chips paired with heaping scoops of peanut butter straight from the jar. Then, after I mentally beat myself up for my lack of self control and calculate how far and how fast I’ll have to run the next day to burn my snack off, I start organizing my stuff. I find filling garbage bags with ever accumulating, unwanted paper and organizing a messy linen closet oddly soothing. It’s comforting to know that my shirts are arranged by color and sleeve length and that all my socks have mates. It also helps to keep my mind off of the pb and chocolate that is sitting like a rock in my stomach.

I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled lately; more so than usual. Summer is supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating, but I find myself tense and figidity. More so than usual! My house, as a result, is clean and organized, but I’m finding that I run out of surfaces to clean and drawers to organize before my tension dissipates.

To get a break from my organization fixation, I took Caroline and her friend, Bailey to the pool on Ft. Belvoir. They had a good time, even though the curvy slide was removed due to some sort of damage, therefore decreasing the fun factor by several notches. I spent some time reading, which is always a welcomed treat, but we left rather abruptly, however, because Bailey spun herself into quite a frenzy in one of our inner tubes, leaving her dizzy and a bit queasy. She didn’t look green or on the verge of barfing, but I figured it would be prudent for us to leave before she upchucked at the pool, or even worse, in my car. Thankfully, we made it home without incident, but she did choose to go home and rest, instead of staying to play at our house. Whew, vomit crisis diverted.

In other news, Caroline and I put together the final box of goodies we’ll send to Craig before he makes the long journey home. Things *seem* to be going according to plan, which means he *should* be home by the end of August, but we’re realists and know that ANYTHING can happen. What’s the term? Cautiously optimistic? Yep, that’s us. Cautiously optimistic that he’ll make it home before school starts.

As you can see, I still haven’t fixed my background problem, because the site I use for free backgrounds is either so busy I can’t access it or slower than the slowest molasses, which makes me want to pull my hair out. And throw my computer through the wall. And declutter my junk drawer.

I’ll get if fixed eventually.

But first, I have a dirty refrigerator begging for a good cleaning….



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