Chances Are

If you’re standing in the shower wondering why your shampoo isn’t lathering like it’s supposed to, chances are you grabbed the conditioner instead.

If you drop your glasses on the ground one too many times, chances are you’ll have a situation like this on your hands.

Too bad I can’t find the eyeglass repair kit.

BUT, if you’re anything like me and like to be prepared, chances are you’ll have a back up pair.

If you let your kid eat breakfast in YOUR room in YOUR bed (don’t ask!) chances are you’ll find cereal crumbs by your feet and yogurt smudges on your pillow. And if you’re really lucky, chances are you’ll find dried milk dribbles on the wood railings of your sleigh bed.

If you run outside on a HOT and HUMID summer morning, chances are you’ll want to quit 57 times.

If you lay your water bottle with an iffy screw cap on the seat of your Craig’s car, chances are that half of your much anticipated post-run Gatorade will leak out of the bottle and onto the car’s upholstery.

What’s with me and spilling liquid in Craig’s car?

If you drank all of your water and what was left of the Gatorade in your spilled bottle in a desperate need to rehydrate, chances are you’ll scrounge around in your purse to find enough change to buy something else to drink.

If you’re unhappy with your current cable/Internet/phone service and the Verizon guy comes to the door, filling your brain with techie blather, fiber optics info and other stuff you don’t understand but dangles the idea of really super fast Internet service in front of you, chances are you’ll end up getting Fios.

If you go to Target for ONE thing (a lamp), chances are you’ll still come home with more than you planned.

If you see kid’s jeans on sale for $7 chances are you’ll come home with three pairs.

When your kid is participating in an “International Travel” themed camp, chances are you’ll be asked to provide a dish for their International Feast.

If the other Italian kid already signs up to bring baked ziti, chances are you’ll go the easy route and sign up to bring biscotti.

If you’re a super mom, you’ll make biscotti from scratch, like the ones pictured above, but if you’re feeling uninspired, chances are you’ll make an easier version.

Because nothing says Viva Italia like cake mix biscotti.

Giada would not approve.

Chances are I don’t care.


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