Impulse Buy

Unless something is on clearance, I *generally* have pretty good self control when shopping. I’m not easily swayed by enticing advertisements and eye catching displays on store shelves. I falter every now and then, but for the most part, I’m a stick to the list kind of girl.

Sometimes, however, items speak to me from the shelves. It’s as if they know my name and are doing their best to convince me that my life would not be complete unless I brought them home. This talking item could be a shirt or a pretty plate or even a jar of age defying night cream. There really isn’t a rhyme or reason to it.

I’m sure you can relate to the gravitational pull some items have; luring you to within their reach; crawling inside your head and brainwashing you in to believing that you seriously could not live without it. Tell me I’m not the only one. Please.

Tonight, after I dropped Caroline off at soccer camp, I stopped at the store to buy a few items for a little project I’m working on. As I perused the aisles, looking, but not buying, a saw a cup. Yes, a cup. A cup that spoke to me. A cup that I couldn’t stop staring at.

I don’t know why I was so drawn to this cup; other than the fact that it has a straw and it looks like a homemade iced coffee drink would fit quite nicely in it. A $5 cup that promised me peace and harmony if I chose to bring it home with me.

And so I did.

It’s a nice cup, albeit unphotogenic.

I’ve actually been eyeing this type of reusable beverage container for quite some time. But, being the cheapskate I am, I didn’t want to fork over $$$ for the Starbucks variety. I’m glad I waited for a good deal.

As you can see, NOTHING is happening around here. For if something were happening, I wouldn’t be forced to blog about a cup. I suppose no news is good news and I should be happy that life is so uneventful.

I sincerely hope life is more eventful on your side of the computer.


5 responses

  1. Is that cup from Walmart? ("Walmark") I saw a display of those AND "Starbucks inspired" hot beverage cups. They, too, have been calling my name…Today is a boo! hiss! furlough day and I think Dad and I are taking a ride to The Villages.Such a crazy, whirlwind like we have…

  2. I have the Starbucks one, but I used a giftcard to get it. I love it. It was my water cup all last school year and was just the perfect size. It still does sweat a little bit if you put ice in it, but I don't like ice, so I just put cold water in.


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