Ahoy mateys!

I took Caroline and her friends to Pirate’s Cove this afternoon. No, we didn’t go to some crazy festival and come home with eye patches and peg legs; Pirate’s Cove is a nearby pool/water play area. Yesterday Sarah and Rachel’s mom took the girls roller skating; today it was my turn to entertain them.

We actually thought our water park plans were going to be foiled by a very random early morning rainstorm, but the rain passed quickly and our pool plans weren’t altered at all.
I’m glad the weather behaved because the girls really had a fun time. I did,too. Any day in which I can sit under an umbrella and read for four hours is a great day in my book. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t make the trip, so I was unable to document all the fun. I fully intended to bring it with us, I promise. However, even though I gave myself 37 verbal reminders to retrieve my camera from underneath my bed (!), not one of those 37 reminders stuck.

I practically had to drag the girls from the sand area (where you can dig for buried treasure) when the afternoon storm clouds started rolling in. They eventually gave in, but not before I bribed them with ice cream from McDonalds. Hey, whatever works!

Since I did not take pictures of our outing, I did manage to take a picture of my newest acquisition.

Silpat liners.

I was given a gift card to Williams-Sonoma back at Christmas time and for some reason, I didn’t use it right away. The gift card ended up being tucked away somewhere in a pile. Out of sight and completely forgotten. Naturally, I was quite happy when I came across it the other day; I figured that August was as good a time as any to use a Christmas gift card. After much deliberation, I chose these Silpat liners, which are a non stick silicone liner that keeps cookies from sticking. I’ve heard good things about them; Martha Stewart and Ina Garten use them, so they must be a good thing.

I chose the “cookie sheet” size, but they’re smaller than I thought they’d be. They’ll work, but they don’t exactly cover my cookie sheets as thoroughly as I hoped. I might have to invest in some new cookie sheets; if you saw the condition of the ones I currently posses, you’d probably be inclined to agree.

Well worn is the best way to describe them, I believe.

Well worn, but well loved.



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