A Baking Equation

Ginger snap crumbs

+  four (!) blocks of cream cheese

 + granny smith apples

+ cimmanin

–  one disobedient egg

+ a water bath

+ a well used (and not very spic and span) kitchen timer

apple cinnamon cheesecake

At least I hope it does!

When all you see from your kitchen window is this

it’s hard not to be inspired to bake something autumnal in flavor.

I’ve had minimal success with cheesecake baking; they’re always tasty, but I have yet to produce one without a big crack (or two) in it.  Thankfully, this cheesecake has an apple topping that will hide any potential cracks.   Fruit topping, much like gravy, chocolate drizzle, or a dusting of confectioner’s sugar, can hide a multitude of culinary sins.

It’s kind of a dreary day today; that’s okay, I kind of like days like this.  Tomorrow was supposed to be Caroline’s school field day, but it was postponed until Friday because we’re expecting some rain tomorrow.  I’m scheduled to help at field day and I’m kind of glad it isn’t until Friday now, so I can go to Body Pump at the gym tomorrow.  Skewed priorities much? 

I helped at field day last year and was relegated to the basketball courts to supervise the rubber chicken toss.  I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my favorite volunteering activity.  When Caroline asked if I could volunteer again this year, I said yes, but it was a rather hesitant yes.  I certainly don’t want to disappoint her, especially since I’ll be considered an embarrassment to her in a few short years.  And let’s not forget about the ever looming stay-at-home-mom-to-an-only-child-who-is-in- school-all-day guilt.  I have NO reason to say no.    Except……rubber chickens?  I’ve since learned that this year’s field day theme is science oriented and as far as I can tell, no rubber chickens will be tossed.  That’s a relief.

I suppose it’s meant to be.  Fridays are usually our long run day for marathon training, but this week is a pull back week, where the mileage is significantly lower.  I suppose that’s so we don’t burn out or fall apart too early in the game.  I can appreciate that!  Anyway,  I only have to run five miles on Friday, which I can do anytime, or even on a different day, so helping at field day is certainly doable.

My cheesecake is currently sitting in the turned off oven, as the instructions state.  I hope it comes out nicely, but Craig’s co workers aren’t that picky.  They seem to appreciate the effort, regardless.

Okay, time to wash the floor,  If it weren’t for that pesky roll away egg, I wouldn’t have to.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Our floor always needs to be cleaned.  Especially since I had a gingersnap vs. food processor situation, which resulted in a gingersnap crumb explosion of epic proportions.

It literally rained gingersnap crumbs.

Welcome to my life.


2 responses

  1. So jealous of those leaves…some of the leaves on the trees change color here (dried up and brown) and fall. It gives me the pseudo feeling of autumn, but those reds are just gorgeous.

  2. Experiencing all four seasons here in Virginia (and when we lived in Maryland, too) is such a treat. Of course, when I have to shovel snow in Januray, I might find myself rethinking this whole four seasons thing.


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