Happy Halloween

Of all the holidays, Halloween is probably my least favorite.  I’m sort of ambivalent about it, really.  I mean, I happen to adore Halloween candy, but the dressing up thing never thrilled me.  I think the last time I dressed up I was ten or eleven and even then, I didn’t care all that much.   Besides, my mom ate all of our good candy; doing all the hard work so she could eat the Snickers and leave us with Dum-Dum suckers didn’t have much appeal to me.

Caroline is appropriately thrilled about Halloween, as most kids are.  She and her friends are plotting their trick or treating strategy and are hoping to increase their candy load from last year. It’s all about the candy anyway.  Which, despite my ambivalence towards costumes, gory movies and haunted houses, I can appreciate.  Hopefully Caroline will come home with the some good stuff, as I take my role as quality control specialist very seriously.  I hope there are a couple of Pay Days and Heath bars in the mix.  Maybe some Twizzlers and Milky Way Midnights, too.  Heh, I was just complaining about my own mom eating the good stuff and here I am, clearly excited about my own late night raid of Caroline’s goodies.  That’s the perk of parenthood, I suppose. 

Since I don’t have pictures of Caroline in this year’s costume yet, I thought I’d take you on a photo walk down memory lane to share with you some of her previous costumes.   We didn’t start dressing Caroline up until she was nearly three.  Also, I somehow failed to take a picture of the Super Girl costume she wore when she was four.  Anyway, here are the rest:

2004 Elephant

2005 Lady Bug

2007 Cat

2008 Butterfly (and the year she chose NOT to cooperate for the camera)

2009 Spike the dog

Clearly, Caroline likes to dress up like animals.  Probably because we don’t have any pets of our own.  If you can’t have one, be one? 

But this year, we’re veering from the animal costumes and taking a different route; we’re celebrating a family theme this year with Caroline’s costume.

I’ll share pictures tomorrow.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
I love candy corn, but for trick or treating purposes, I’m all about Pay Days, Snickers and Milky Way Midnight.  Ooh, and Sour Patch Kids and Twizzlers.  I despise the cheap chocolate…you know, the foil wrapped kind that tastes like wax.


One response

  1. Anything chocolate…I don't like fruit candy or chewy candy unless it is caramel.I am not a Halloween person either. My last trick or treat adventure was with Lori in the 6th grade and I was a cat. I don't even remember most of my Halloween costumes, which were all made by my mom. My mom says my first Halloween (3 years old), I went to every house with my eyes closed. I still would prefer to close my eyes on Halloween.


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