She Who Hesitates

She who hesitates misses out on an invitation to a Justin Bieber concert.

About two months ago, I overheard a phone conversation Caroline had.  It went something like this:


Oh, hi Bailey.

Um, sort of.

Okay, good bye!

She’s a pithy one, I tell you.  Actually, in every day conversation and especially when you’re trying to concentrate on important things such as reading online celebrity gossip, Caroline is quite verbose.  But on the phone?  Never.  She’s ready to hang up before the other person has a chance to complete their sentence.

Anyway, after this conversation concluded, I asked her what it was all about. 

“Bailey just called to see if I liked Justin Bieber and I told her I did, but only a little bit.”

Fast forward to this Monday.  I took Caroline, Bailey, Rachel and Sarah to Micheal’s to buy yarn for their next great money making scheme:  woven pot holders.  On the way there, Bailey let it slip that she was going to a Justin Bieber concert this weekend in Virginia Beach and since her parents have an extra ticket, she would be bringing Rachel along.

Caroline seemed non plussed about the whole ordeal, which surprised me a bit.  She tends to dislike being excluded from all things socially oriented.  Clearly, this child does not have Bieber fever.

The next day, I saw Bailey’s mom outside and made some smart aleck remark about her and her husband being completely insane for agreeing to take Bailey and a friend to see Justin Bieber. She agreed.   I suppose that would have been like my mom and dad taking me to see New Kids on the Block in concert.  Although, quite honestly, I never really understood their appeal.  Anyway, as I was talking with Bailey’s mom, Bailey came whizzing by on her scooter and said, “I picked Rachel because Caroline didn’t say she LOVED Justin Bieber.”  Evidently, if Caroline had been a little less hesitant on the phone two months ago, she would be heading to Virginia Beach this weekend for a trip to Jamestown followed by a Justin Bieber concert.

Ah, lesson learned.

Actually, Caroline still doesn’t care that much.  I mean, she’s not exactly thrilled to be passed over in the friendship circle, but she still lacks any real desire to see Justin Bieber in concert.  Besides, as she keeps saying, “I can’t go.  I have a race on Saturday.”

As a warm up/test run for her Girls on the Run 5k in December, Caroline and Craig are running together in Fort Belvoir’s 5k Turkey Trot.  I’ll be trotting running too, except I’m doing the 10k race. 

We have carbs to eat and legs to keep warm and fresh.  We can’t let Bieber Fever get in the way of race day!

Gobble, gobble.


2 responses

  1. I breathed a small sigh of relief when you said Caroline passed on Bieber fever. It has taken over my 7th grade classroom. If I hear one more "I LOVE HIM" followed by "NO, I LOVE HIM MORE". I just might die! Good luck in the race!

  2. Oh yes, we're quite relieved that Caroline passed on Bieber fever. She hasn't yet reached that level of girliness. Craig was especially pleased; he'd rather Caroline listen to head banger music than bubble gum pop.


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