$4.99 Sweaters, A Bathtub Ring And A Whole Lotta Laundry

A $4.99 sweater, a dirty bathtub and a whole lot of laundry, pretty much summarizes my Saturday.  It started with an overflowing laundry hamper in our room + two over flowing laundry baskets, one with clothes, the other with towels, in our laundry room, which resulted in six loads of laundry.  Six. For a family of three.  What are we doing to create such a pile?  Someone needs to fire the laundry lady because she’s slacking on the job.

By the time 11:30 rolled around, the time in which we were set to leave for Caroline’s basketball practice, I was rushing around trying to pull myself together enough to be presentable in public.  I had, after all, been doing laundry all morning.  One cringe worthy glance at our dirty bathtub and bathroom floor later, Craig and Caroline were off to basketball practice alone, while I stayed home to put our house in order.  It was one of those moments in which I could not possibly fathom leaving our house in the condition in which it was in.  Dramatic much?  Since Craig was going to practice anyway, it wasn’t a big deal.  While they were off bounce passing, dribbling and shooting, I scrubbed the bathtub, cleaned the floors, vacuumed the whole house and my car, dusted, swept and oh yeah, folded laundry.  I’m sure he’d consider that a fair trade.

Of course, it’s now Sunday morning and I have nothing to show for my hard work now.  The dust, which collects faster than rabbits reproduce, has once again accumulated a light layer on our furniture.  Seriously, not even 24 hours later and I see dust.  What gives?  I also have powdered sugar in the crevices of our hardwood floors thanks to my messy sugar cookie making session this morning.  The dough is chilling and later I’ll roll, cut, bake and then attempt royal icing.  I wish the sky wasn’t so dreary because that will affect my photo quality; however, I intend to take some pictures of my (hopefully) successful foray into piped and flooded royal icing.

Anyway, after I sped cleaned and folded more laundry then one person should have to in one single day, I went on a little outing to Kohl’s.  I’ve mentioned before that I somehow landed on a mailing list which entitles me to receive $10 gift cards  every so often.  Last month I scored $8 jeans with a gift card and I was hoping to get another pair yesterday.  Unfortunately they were out of my size.  Well, they had my size in the ‘average’ length and as I’ve clearly documented on this blog, I’m anything but average.  Or normal.  Ha!  I need short pants; short pants for my short, stubby legs.

I did however, score a lovely peacock blue turtleneck sweater.  It was reduced from $30 to $14.99 and with my $10 gift card, I paid $4.99.   Score.  I also bought Caroline a Christmas ornament for her stash; a letter ‘C’ much like this ‘S’ we have on our tree.

Over the years I’ve collected ornaments here and there for Caroline so that when she grows up and has her own tree, she won’t have to start from scratch.  I try to get duplicates of the ones I buy for me or something at least remotely similar so that when she puts them on her own tree, they’ll remind her of the tree and ornaments she grew up with.

It’s cloudy, drizzly and pretty dreary outside; a perfect baking day.

And with that, I shall get to it. 
Happy Sunday!

4 responses

  1. Tara gave me a Kohl's gift card for my berfday and I scored hugely yesterday. Kohl's has never been my best friend, not like my buddy Beall's is, but we're getting friendlier. I got a really cute t-shirt: light dusty pinkish, long sleeves, with dark gray flowers that thave some sort of black netting and tiny beads to make it 3-D. It will look good under my black blazer.Peggy told me that Kohl's has GREAT jewelry…and the Pegster was right. Score!About your bathtub ring: I often look at the toothpaste splatters on the mirror and think, "If I die, someone's going to come in the house to "settle the estate" and I don't want them seeing what slobs we are.I'm loving my iPod! But I can't remember what singers or songs I like.:)

  2. Please don't get me started on toothpaste splatters. For it would be a long, wordy diatribe, which I haven't the energy for. You don't want to hear it anyway.Yay for Kohl's.I can never remember what music I like when I go looking to download stuff. My brain, it don't work so good.


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