I Heard the Balls On Christmas Day

Jingle Balls.

Ring Christmas Balls.  Carol of the Balls.  Silver Balls.

Sorry I have balls on the brain.  Christmas balls, that is.

Christmas balls = lots of giggling and some $5 decorations.

It all started with a trip to the Dollar Tree next door to my gym.  Caroline simply HAD TO HAVE 3×5 index cards NOW because her friend, Bailey, who goes to a German immersion school, is teaching her German.  Evidently Bailey said she needed index cards (and a box with dividers to hold them in).  According to Caroline, whatever Bailey says is gospel truth.  In fact, according to Bailey, what Bailey says is gospel truth.

But that’s not the point.

I went to get the index cards on Wednesday so Caroline wouldn’t die from neglect and I saw some glass vases on display.  I actually already own one of those glass vases, which we’ll get to later.  Anyway, I had  been wanting something festive to put on the two black shelves in my kitchen, which flank our table and chairs.  Because I’m cheap and sort of picky, I hadn’t bought anything yet; I was waiting for inspiration (or a good sale) to strike before I settled on something.

I saw the glass vases and packages of Christmas balls, combined the two, and, as the fancy people say….voila!

One vase for the shelf on the left,

and one for the shelf on the right.

Symmetry makes me smile.

I bought two vases and three  packages of  12 count balls (two silver and one red).  The vases held 12 balls perfectly, so I took a vase I had on one of the lower selves, which I have filled with fake granny smith apples,

and replaced the apples with the remaining 12 silver balls.

Three decorations.  $5.

It’s not rocket science, nor is it the cleverest craft ever, but I like them.

Simple, cheap, festive.


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