Two Disney World Marathon registration fees:  $288

Three airplane tickets to Orlando:  $568

Four nights in a Disney World hotel:  you don’t even want to know

Blood, sweat, tears, sore legs, determination and blisters:  immeasurable

Crossing the finish line at your first marathon:  priceless

We don’t have our official time yet, but according to our watches, we finished in 4:33:12.

It was hard, but it was fun, too.  Well, except for the last four miles; those kind of sucked.

 Today has been a good day!


7 responses

  1. Great job! I know how much work a marathon is and I hope your legs feel ok today. One of my best friends did the Goofy this year- he is crazy…. or at least goofy 😉 I think his marathon time was 3:40. My best is 4:20!I think Disney is so smart- you get a pass for the next day so you have to walk it out!!

  2. Thanks everyone! It really is a great feeling and surprisingly, I don't feel any more sore than I did after a 18-20 mile raining run.Michelle–I can't believe how many people participated in the Goofy Challange. They're definitely goofy. Hard core, but goofy, indeed. Congrats to your goofy friend! A 3:40 marathon is great…especially after running a half the day before. Sissy–there was much sweat happening. Believe me. 🙂


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