It’s Never Easy

Caroline is a real trooper and handles separation from her dad with ease, but this newest situation has hit her harder than any other. 

She’s not exactly falling apart, but she is a little extra weepy. 

As you can guess, Craig left today.  He hung around for Caroline’s basketball game and a quick bite to eat before getting in his packed-to-the-gills Civic and heading westward.

But, in usual Craig fashion, he couldn’t leave without first stopping to frantically search for his watch.

If it’s not his watch, it’s his wallet or ID, phone or phone charger.  He has a gift for misplacing things.  Of course, he’ll tell you it’s because I move his things, but those are bold faced lies.  😉

There really isn’t much else to say.  The first day is the weirdest and before long all three of us will each settle into a routine and it’ll begin to feel less strange.
This isn’t anything new and in the grand scheme of military life, this isn’t even the hardest thing anyone has had to face. 

It’s never easy, but we will survive.


7 responses

  1. Dang. You had to go and make me cry! That picture of Craig and Caroline is so sad! It reminded me of when she talked to his picture and softly said, "airplane" and "Alabama."She was 2?Anyway, I'm sad for the Smiths.:(

  2. Don't cry, dry your eye.Yep, she was 2….almost 3. I haven't seen Caroline in a few hours, which means she's probably having lots of fun. She was mopey for a few minutes, not because Craig was gone, but because her friends didn't call immediately after they finished lunch AND Bailey's little brother ruined their plans to play in their snow fort. I assume she cheered up, but, like I said, I haven't seen her in a few hours.The good thing is that we'll see Craig in April. 🙂

  3. I hope that you all get into your own routines very quickly, that always makes things a little bit easier. Thinking about you and of course about poor little Caroline :(Love, Jen 🙂

  4. I can't believe that you took pictures of Craig and Caroline, because I wouldn't have been able to focus for all my crying! LOL. Hope all of you are well and doing well with adjustment. Love you!

  5. Thanks, Hilary!Sissy, Craig and Caroline had said good bye earlier in the house and that's when I cried. By the time they hugged outside by the car, I was able to compose myself and take a picture.


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