Some Meaningless Stuff

First, Happy February!  Sheesh, is it just me, or did January fly by?

Today marks the seventh day the kids have been out of school.  Seven very long, very cold, very loud days.  Thankfully they should go back to school tomorrow.  Oh please, let them go to school.  If they cancel due to slush, like last Wednesday, I just might die. 

Or at least cry.

Maybe both.

I held on for the first  few days with decent spirits, but I’ve found myself hiding upstairs these past two days.  Normally I don’t watch tv during the day, but I’ve broken my own rule. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.  I’m sitting on my bedroom floor with the Food Network on and my lap top fired up and perched right next to me.  There is a tent being constructed and food coloring ‘medicine’ being made downstairs.  I’m doing my best to ignore it all.

I’m also trying to ignore the pink permanent marker stains on my dining room table.  Caroline and friends were coloring the other day and unbeknownst to me, one of them was using a pink Sharpie. Now there are pink lines permanently marring my dining room table.


In other news, I was able to score a few super double coupon deals this morning.  I made a bone headed furniture polish mistake, but came home with two rolls of Bounty and three packages of Yoplait Splitz yogurt for free, which made up for my poor Pledge miscalculation.

In even more unrelated news, I made split pea soup yesterday.  Craig hates split pea soup and while I certainly don’t ever make him eat it, he does complain an awful lot when the aroma of simmering split peas permeates the house.  I don’t complain nearly as much when he makes fish and it’s a proven fact that fish stinks more than split peas.  Anyway, since Craig is not here, I am now at liberty to make split pea soup whenever I please.

Aaaaand…..I’ve got nothing else.

Keep your fingers crossed that school is back on tomorrow; if it isn’t, you’ll be sure to hear about it. 

And believe me, no one wants that.


One response

  1. I love split pea soup! Mr. R. thinks it smells like feet so he doesn't like me to make it either. Oh, I hope you get a break tomorrow. I am not sure I would be sane after 7 days. Some weeks I just pray I can make it to Friday. And I only see my students for 7 hours a day! Not the 24 that you have had. Crossing my fingers for you.


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