Tied Up With A Pretty Bow

I’ve been in baking mode these past two days.  Yesterday I made peanut butter brownies and some jumbo sized heart shaped sugar cookies.  This morning, I rose with the roosters and decorated the sugar cookies with pinky-red royal frosting and Valentine themed sprinkles.  I went to the gym with red stained hands and a few sprinkles in my hair!
I still have cupcakes to frost (once I actually make the fluffy chocolate frosting, that is) but in the mean time, I thought I’d share what’s been going on in my kitchen lately. 

All tied up with a pretty bow.

Call me a bake sale snob, but I’m a big believer in pretty packaging for bake sales.  Two smushed, crumbly brownies hastily thrown into a too large ziploc bag isn’t nearly as eye appealing as something lovingly packaged and adorned with a festive ribbon.

Or perhaps this is just my excuse to buy more ribbon.  I do have a ribbon problem, afterall.

3 responses

  1. The last photo….I've been fiddling with aperture, which makes one part clear and the other stuff unfocused. I be confused.Yes, the cookies taste good, too. This was a softer, puffier recipe that called for sour cream. I liked these the best because I just like softer sugar cookies.All my goodies were bought up pretty quickly, which I suppose is a good sign. Hopefully everyone liked what they ate.:)


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