A Mystery

Fact:  when Caroline and I left the house this morning, Craig had been gone for quite awhile, driving to the class he’s attending in Maryland, about an hour away.  When we headed off to school and the gym, Craig’s netbook was on the stairs; his backpack was on our bedroom floor and our curtains were in an open position. 

When I came home from the gym around noon, the curtains on one window in our bedroom were closed, Craig’s netbook was in our closet and his backpack, which once sat on the floor, was no longer on the floor.

My interest is piqued.

I think I have a mystery on my hands.  A mystery that needs solving. 

So far, my phone call to Craig has gone unanswered, which means he’s in the class he’s attending.  Cell phones, and any electronics, for that matter, are strictly prohibited.  I suppose it’s easier to listen to the teacher when you’re not distracted by an enticing 4G network and instant access to the world wide web.

Since I haven’t received confirmation from the would-be culprit, perhaps someone else is responsible for this. 

Did the clean up fairy come over while I was at the gym?  And if she did, why didn’t she take out the recycling and pick up the pile of dirt I swept into the corner?

I’m sure I’ll figure out the answer to this mystery soon enough, but in the event that the clean up fairy did come, I hope she comes back regularly.  Preferably with a great desire to clean all the blinds on my windows.

UPDATE:  It wasn’t the clean up fairy.  In fact, it was the anti-clean up fairy….Craig.  He had an issue with some paperwork and had to drive all the way home to get it squared away before being allowed to enter the class.

Mystery solved.

All along I knew it was Craig, but in the back of my head, I couldn’t help but hope it was the clean up fairy. 

I would have really liked her.

 Happy Pi Day!


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