Spring Fever

I’m sure you’re all just wondering how Caroline’s fever is doing, because we are the center of the universe, after all.    I feel as if I’m on Fever Watch:  2011, like when a big storm rolls into town and the weatherpeople nearly wet their pants in excitement for the wind, rain and destruction that is to come.  Caroline’s fever may not be on a war path, but I tell you what, that fever is a fiesty and stubborn little thing; it’s worse than an unwanted houseguest. 

I took Caroline to the doctor this morning with, of course, a completely normal temperature, but it was good to have a once over by a real medical doctor and not by a dorky mom who learned everything she knows from WebMD.  For hours and hours, the temperature remained normal and we remained ever hopeful that Spring Fever was over and done with.  By lunchtime, it looked as if our wishes were coming true….until around 2pm, that is.

It’s creeping back up.

Caroline is in fine spirits and is even spending time with her friends (INSIDE and within a non-breathing-on-your-friends range), which has been a nice break from the solitary confinement she was banished to this weekend.

She’ll get better eventually.  This I know.


Sorry for yelling, but I can’t help it.  My sanity level depends on quality time spent at the gym.  With the exception of yesterday’s class, my gym time has been seriously squashed thanks to Spring Fever 2011 and I’m feeling a little bit antsy and unbalanced.

More so than usual.

In other news, we have a working printer again! Which, after not having a functioning printer for quite a while, is downright awesome.  Our other printer was the most temperamental printer ever and finally just quit working altogether about a year ago.  We managed to get by without one, having Craig print anything super important at work, but now that Craig isn’t here, I bit the bullet and bought a new one.

A wireless printer. 

It’s pretty sweet.  And best of all, I managed to set it up without too much of a headache….and it works! 

Now I can print things….like important documents and coupons.

Sweet relief.

My first order of printing business was to print out my race information for Saturday’s half marathon, but I got sidetracked and printed a rebate for a Bissell carpet cleaner instead.  I don’t own a Bissell carpet cleaner, but judging by the state of our tragic carpets, I probably should own one.  Target has them on sale this week and now I found a rebate.  Excellent news, if I do say so myself.

I just may buy one.  Because I like to live it up the best I can.  And when you’re a neurotic housewife like me, clean carpets = living it up.

I suppose, however, that it’ll have to wait until I can leave my house again.   Caroline’s fever is cramping everyone’s style.


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