Fluff Pants

WARNING:   Being in stuck inside for days on end may produce an epic horror otherwise known as Fluff Pants.

Wait a minute.  Is boredom really to blame for fluff pants? 

Or, perhaps, too many cookies are the culprit?

Either way, I don’t think it matters.  Because according to Caroline, ‘it’s nice to sit on something so fluffy.’

Oh, that poor, misguided, built-like-a-stick child.  One day she’ll realize that extra posterior fluff really isn’t so much fun after all.

We got a huge laugh over fluff pants, which was a good distraction from Spring Fever 2011.  This happened on Saturday, when Craig was still home.  He told Caroline to go find me and say ‘hey mom, now I look like you!’


You better watch out, kid; karma is rather unforgiving.


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