Big Excitement in the Neurotic House

I’m organizing my kitchen drawers!! 

And, yes, that is big excitement around here.

I’ve been wanting some sturdier drawer organizers for a while now, I but didn’t want to pay $$$ for them.  You’d be surprised how pricey they can be.  Anyway, I went to the dollar store to buy some hand soap today and stumbled upon these organizers. 

It was magical.

So, today’s task is to ditch the dirty, broken plastic containers and make my kitchen drawers look lovely. 

My mom is coming for a visit next week, so I want to have pretty kitchen drawers.  Because, if anything is for certain in this life, my mom cares deeply about the state of my drawers.

Or not.

Actually, my mom couldn’t care less. 

She’s a good mom.

In other news, I’ve rekindled my love affair with kale.

Just look at it.  It’s so lovely and leafy.  And good for you.

I kind of fell off the kale love train this winter, but I’m back on the kale wagon.  As evidenced by the two pound bag I bought the other day.

And….that’s all I have.

Time to organize!


2 responses

  1. I like to make kale chips. Yes. I said kale chips! I don't have an exact recipe, but you can google it and find a million. They come out crispy and airy and way good. Kale is also good in soups because it's very sturdy, so I think it's better than spinach in that application. Kale is really good for you. It's sort of 'cabbagey' but mild. I just love veggies. And chocolate. And bread.Good advice about the cake!


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