They Melt in Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands

I currently have a whole lot of plastic Easter eggs sitting in my living room.

Two tubs full, to be exact.

And why do I have two tubs full of Easter eggs in my living room, you might ask?  Well, I have two tubs full of Easter eggs in my house because our community is having an Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  As a renter, I am not a member of the community association nor am I on the social committee, however I still have the plastic Easter eggs at my house.  Because that’s the way things work around here.   I’m pretty sure this is Caroline’s doing.

Anyway, the mom of Caroline’s friends Sarah and Rachel, works at the community management office and has tasked her girls (and any willing friends) to stuff the eggs with candy.  Naturally this meant they should stuff them at my house.  Because…well…why not?

The eggs have been in my house for several weeks, but with the hunt quickly approaching, the girls got down to business yesterday, stuffing the plastic eggs with delicious sugary candy.

Tough job, huh?

I forgot how much I love plain M&Ms.

Over four pounds of festive spring colored, crunchy coated milk chocolate gems of deliciousness.

Just look at them!  Behold their simple beauty.

I’d be lying if this didn’t happen a few times yesterday:

They’re undeniably irresistible.

Hey, if my house has to get trashed every time the kids work on the eggs, leaving me with a horrifying mess to pick up, then I think I deserve a handful or six of M&Ms.

Honestly, I knew I shouldn’t dive into the bag because they’re not mine…they’re for the children (!), but I couldn’t stop myself.  Can you blame me?

All I know is that it’s a good thing these babies weren’t also opened:

Four pounds of jelly beans!

Oh my.

At this point in my life, as I recover from yesterday’s candy coated milk chocolate induced coma, I’m so thankful I don’t have diabetes.  For if I did, I’d probably lose the will to live.

Sugar makes my world go ’round.



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