A Lovely Day For A Run

It was a beautiful morning for a run on the Mt. Vernon Trail today.  And that is exactly what I did.  Like the addict I am, I ran my planned eight miles and then stopped for a drink at Starbucks, before walking back to my car.  The weather was so lovely that I walked a little extra, covering about 11.5 miles in total.  Enjoying a nice drink from Starbucks and walking through lovely Old Town Alexandria is my favorite part of the whole long run experience, and totally makes the 70 minutes of running absolutely worth it.

When I arrived back at my car, I was happy to remember that I had my small camera in the trunk.  The colorful blooming trees and shimmering Potomac river were begging to be photographed.

Last but not least, I captured a picture of the Woodrow Wilson bridge, which I’ll be running over as I tackle my second half marathon this October.  This picture is actually for my friend, Mandy, who will be braving the race with me.  Mandy is a loyal reader and my very first Army wife friend; I’m excited that she’ll be moving closeby and is willing to run crazy races with me.  My sister is running it, too…but I don’t think she reads my blog.   But, if you are reading, Laura, this picture is for you, too.

Sadly, this is only half of the bridge…I couldn’t capture it all in one shot.

Have I mentioned I’m slightly terrified of bridges?


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  1. Ok, so Charlie called me up on Tuesday and asked me how much notice I needed to give before taking vacation. My co-workers just said as long as my boss gave me permission, I would be good to go. I sent him an email as he was in China, and he said "go, have fun." And so we went. I work for the company VP, so it wasn't like I needed to clear it with anyone else, as long as he said it was fine. He was traveling anyway, so our workload was lighter than normal. This would not have happened had I worked for a school, because you can't just up and take vacations like this because they give you 12 weeks a year anyway, and expect you to work within those boundaries. But, at this job, we can actually take advantage of last minute deals and we did.


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