Practically A Grown Up

Caroline lost her last baby tooth today.  She’s practically a grown up, now.

Man, she lost those teeth fast…all twenty and a half of them.  That extra half of a tooth (a permanent one!) was lost in a pillow sliding accident two years ago.  Of the teeth Caroline was SUPPOSED to lose, the first one came out a month before she turned five (pictured above); the last one just two and a half months after turning nine.

Honestly, I’m glad to be done with the tooth losing stage.  It’s kind of icky.

Caroline’s glad, too. 

Especially since someone (ahem, my mom) told her the tooth fairy gives out $10 for the last tooth you lose.  Thanks,  mom.  Of course, in this house, the tooth fairy is always short on cash so she’ll have to pay up at a later date. 

I told Caroline that since she’s practically a grown up now, she’ll have to get a job.  Hey, someone has to pay for the braces she’s going to need, right?

The loss of baby tooth #20 has been the highlight of an otherwise uninteresting day.  I woke up early to the chirping of some very happy birds and decided to squeeze in a short little run before Caroline and her friend would most likely come back from their sleepover.  If they want breakfast early, they come to our house so I, their ever faithful servant, will make them something.  Otherwise, they either have to fend for themselves at Bailey’s house or wait for one of Bailey’s parents to get up and cook them something.

I left the girls a note, ran a quick three miles or so and came back home to find Caroline and Bailey sitting on the front porch.  Just as I expected.  And, of course, they were STARVING and needed to eat before they died.  Or something like that.

Because I don’t want any child to die of hunger on my watch, I made them breakfast.  And then some lunch.  Even threw in a snack for good measure.  They’re well fed and typing up an Easter play script.  The play is being masterminded by Bailey and is about the Easter bunny, named Skittles.  It’s cute.  However, either Bailey is being creative or she’s under the assumption that Easter is the Easter Bunny’s birthday. 

I really hope she’s just being creative!

Happy Sunday!


3 responses

  1. You know, I'm sure I don't remember losing 20 teeth. Really. I don't remember losing the back ones at all. I recall the couple of front teeth, but I certainly don't remember the tooth fairy visiting me 20 times.


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