Berry Good

Strawberries have been on sale everywhere lately.  As a strawberry lover, I happen to appreciate this muchly.

Last week one store had them 3/$5; in the course of a week, I bought six containers.

Today, another store had them on sale for .99!  I haven’t seen strawberries for .99 since we lived in Arizona.  Why I remember that, I do not know.  However, I clearly remember walking with baby Caroline (we were a one car family then) to the commissary several times to fit as many cartons of .99 strawberries as I could in the stroller. 

Even though I had two containers of strawberries in my refrigerator already, I couldn’t resist the .99 special and I bought three more.

It’s a good thing Caroline and I like strawberries. 

And because I have a boring life I’m a crazy blogger, I took pictures of my strawberries.   Because that’s totally normal, right? 

I couldn’t help it;  I was inspired by this odd berry with the cluster of seeds at the tip.

My eye went to that one immediately; in general, I tend to eat the ‘odd’ ones first.  The misshapen ones; the ones with crazy seed clusters or the ones with an odd shaped tip.  Weird looking strawberries need love, too.

Likewise, I eat the curled up tortilla chips first.  They’re my favorite.

I suppose I could do something special with the surplus of berries I have, but I hate to waste them in a baked good.  I much prefer fresh, juicy berries in their most natural state.  Especially since these  are particularly tasty.  Up until very recently, I haven’t had much success finding tasty berries; they’ve all been sour and tasteless.

But not these.

In other news, it’s very windy today.  And humid. 

My hair has seen better days.



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