Camera Roulette

I have the habit of taking random pictures throughout the week.  Mostly, I take them for potential blogging purposes.  But sometimes?  Well, sometimes I don’t really know why I bothered to whip out my camera in the first place.
I’m sure I must have had a reason at the time, but, sometimes that reason isn’t very clear weeks later.  It’s kind of like when you put something in a certain spot and you just know that you’ll remember where it is because that location  is SO OBVIOUS.  And then two weeks later when you’re looking for that item, you can’t remember where in the world you put it.
Anyway…. I took some pictures of the soccer snacks we brought to the game on Saturday.
Why?  Who knows.
Oh yes, now I remember.  Instead of the usual sticky orange slices the girls eat at halftime, we brought clementines.

They’re super sweet and a definite crowd pleaser.  Sure, I had to peel and segment twelve clementines, but compared to the mess of slicing juicy, sticky oranges, this worked out really well.  All the girls seemed to enjoy them, too.

Typically, the end of the game soccer snacks are something along the lines of fruit punch and chips or Oreos.  I like fruit punch and chips and Oreos as much as the next person….and the girls definitely enjoy them, but when it’s my turn to provide the snack, I have a hard time going that route.  It’s as if I feel a certain amount of obligation to provide the kids with a decent snack.  Of course, I don’t balk at the other post game offerings and I allow Caroline to eat the food provided. 

But yes, I’m THAT mom who provided organic thirst quenchers and goldfish graham crackers.

At least it’s not water and unsalted pretzels! 

I did my part, which I suppose is what matters.  Next week they’ll eat Oreos and hopefully Caroline will share with me.  🙂

After the game on Saturday, I tested a scone recipe for Caroline’s teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.  The scones were okay, but I chose, instead, to go with an old, tried and true standby:  snickerdoodle scones.

But that part doesn’t really matter.  What matters is how incredibly messy I am in the kitchen!


In other news, look what I found at Target yesterday!

Otter Pops!

Please tell me you ate Otter Pops as a kid.  They were a mainstay in my young life.  So much, in fact, that when I was in high school, well after I stopped eating them, my parents bought our entire family Otter Pop t-shirts.  They thought it would be fun, but, I (a snotty teenager who was too cool for school) thought they were a bunch of big dorks.

I know there is a picture of us wearing them somewhere.  Unless, of course, I refused to participate in that family bonding experience.  I wish I could remember.  Why are the details becoming so fuzzy?

But seriously.  Do you remember Otter Pops and all the cool characters?

Such memories!

I always had a thing for Sir Isaac Lime.

 Most kids don’t like lime flavored things, I but did; still do.  Likewise, when Craig eats Skittles, he eats the orange and grape, which are his favorite and I eat the lemon and lime flavors, which Craig isn’t a big fan of.  He eats the red ones, too.  But the orange and grape are his special favorites.

How complementary of us.

I bought something else yesterday.  A Misto.

So long Pam cooking spray.

And finally, to wrap up this bizarre camera roulette post, I took pictures of my current food obsession:  roasted tomatoes.

It’s hard to believe that these fresh tomatoes

turn into this

They make a KILLER addition to a grown up grilled cheese sandwich.  Crusty bread, gooey mozzarella, fresh basil leaves and roasted tomatoes.



One response

  1. Love all the pics. And yes, I love Otter Pops, although I have the generic ones in the freezer right now! I LOVE LIME flavored things, except Key Lime Pie. Odd.


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