An Apple For the Teacher

Except, in this case, the ‘apple’ is really warm, homemade snickerdoodle scones covered in an apple tea towel and labeled with an apple shaped tag.

As I mentioned yesterday, I tried a different scone recipe, but decided to go back to my tried and true snickerdoodle scones.  As Caroline’s teacher said, “you really can’t go wrong with snickerdoodles.”  Unless, of course, you don’t like cinnamon.  But who doesn’t like cinnamon?

Anyway, this year’s Teacher Appreciation scones look awfully similar to last year’s offerings.

However, last year I omitted the cinnamon IN the scone dough (as evidenced by paler scones up above).  This year, I followed the recipe exactly and added a cinnamony powdered sugar glaze on top, which yielded a darker colored scone.  All of which went unphotographed because we were in a rush to get out the door yesterday morning.

Had to get those scones (and coffee) to the school before the mad rush of children made their way to the classroom.

They were pretty, though.  And tasty.  You’ll just have to trust me on that.  Believe me, I know of what I speak.  And, not to mention, I’m my own worst critic, so if they weren’t tasty, I would have surely let you know.

Nothing but honesty here at the Neurotic Housewife.

This is random picture thrown into the mix because I was practicing bokeh.  Slowly but surely I’ll figure out all the manual settings on my camera.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, we brought Caroline’s three teachers Starbucks and scones yesterday to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week.  Last week I had Caroline take their drink orders so we knew exactly what to get them.

A word to the wise:  it’s best to spell your teacher’s name correctly, especially when your mom puts a picture of it on the Internet.  Caroline’s teacher is Mr. Stillions, not Mr. Stilloins.  🙂

They seemed to appreciate the effort.   I hope they liked the scones. 

I have more baking in store this week for the PTA sponsored teacher lunch on Thursday, plus according to our room mother’s note, Friday is ‘bring goodies for the teacher day.’    I have a feeling we’ll need to provide them all with gym memberships by the end of the week!

At least Thursday is a non-caloric day.  It’s bring in school supplies day!

We went a little overboard in the school supply section at Target, but I couldn’t help it.  I love Caroline’s teachers and they really deserve all the coffee, scones, Sharpies and white board cleaner in the world for all the hard work they do. 

It’s not easy putting up with 27 nine year olds.


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  1. Yes, try them!Last year's version came out blobbier and less triangle shaped. This years looked more like traditional scones. I thought the glaze would be too much with the cinnamon/sugar coating, but it wasn't. But really, when is glaze not a good thing?We love snickerdoodles too. I've made snickerdoodle cookies, scones, biscotti, muffins, blondies and one very tragic birthday cake. Almost all successes….except for that blasted cake, which still haunts me six months after the fact. 🙂


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