Don’t Mind Me

Don’t mind me.  I’m fiddling with the blog background.  Unfortunately, I know nothing about this stuff, but I’ve been wanting something a little cleaner.  I wish I had a header.  I wish I knew how to make a header.  I wish I knew what kind of header I’d like.

Anyway, until I resolve my current identity crisis, we shall all see white and blue green and brown.



2 responses

  1. I like this one, although I think I miss the green. Somehow, you say "green" to me. Maybe it is all those veggies you eat! Maybe something similar but with green? I forget where I found my adoption blog background, but it was free. I googled "free blogger templates" and went through hundreds of options. You'll find one that suits you.

  2. Thanks Sissy.I like the green, too.I was thinking the white background would make the pictures pop more. I wish I could make the photos bigger, but it's either large (which I use) or super-extra-take-up-the-whole-page size.I shoulda started with WordPress. Blogger is a pain.Hope you're okay!


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