Getting Crafty

Depending on your definition of crafty, that is.  If your definition of crafty involves pre-made felt flowers and things that clip on or fasten with twist ties, then crafty we shall call it.

Caroline and I went to Michaels yesterday; we went for one thing, which I didn’t end up buying, and ended up bring home so much more. 

I found this lime green (although it looks more sage-y green in the pictures) message board  for $5 and these felt embellishments, which were 50% off.

I figured even I was capable of doctoring up a message board with clip on dragonflies (butterflies?)

and twist tie felt flowers.

Eight dollars and five minutes later, we have something cute to hang on Caroline’s bedroom wall.

I also bought some plain acrylic picture frames to replace two frames in Caroline’s room that are falling apart.  They’re affordable and virtually indestructible, but the pictures looked a little stark in the clear frames with white mat boards.  An opportunity to make the frames pretty presented itself, but because my hand is unsteady and my craftiness is sorely limited, I opted for the quick and easy approach.


and a pencil eraser

make cute polka dots

It ain’t Pottery Barn Kids, but these decorations are cheap and easy.

And honestly, Caroline doesn’t care one bit.  Her interest in room decor, much like her interest in fashion (and making her bed neatly), is non existent.  Which, for me, is great (except for the bed making part), because then I can do whatever I want without any suggestions from the peanut gallery.


2 responses

  1. Very crafty. And purty.I'd tell you about the amazingly evil avocado egg rolls we ate Sunday, but you think avocado tastes like dirt.Which, you are wrong.It came with a tamarind (?) dipping sauce that was so delicious I was tempted to drink it like a tequila shot and chase it with a second dish of it.But I didn't.Aren't you proud?P.S. Love your new design. It took a while to get used to it.When does Craig leave for his extended vacation?

  2. Yes avocado tastes like dirt. Fo sho.I do like dipping sauce, though.I wouldn't have judged you for drinking the sauce; it's not like I've never literally licked my plate clean before. ;)The new design is a bit more stark, but I kind of like the less busy look.


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