Big Orange Update

Remember my big oranges?

How could you forget?  I mean, big oranges are exciting news around here.

Anyway, I peeled one this afternoon  to eat with my lunch and was pleasantly surprised to find that the peel was of average thickness and not three inches thick like I had previously predicted.

However, the fruit itself was a little dried out in some areas.

Tragic, no?

I still ate it. 

Because my standards are low.

In other news, school got out early today, supposedly to kick off the Memorial Day weekend.  I personally think holidays are best celebrated while children are IN school, but I may be in the minority there.  I mean, it’s not like we’re going anywhere for the weekend; so why not let them stay in school until 3:20?

Our weekend plans will not be spent in traffic along I-95, but will most likely involve multiple trips to the pool since it opens tomorrow.  Usually the pool water is still too cold on opening weekend, but it’s been rather hot the past few days, which should help warm the water up significantly.

So long as the kids don’t complain, it’ll be all good. 

I have a book and new sunscreen (BOGO + $1 off coupons!) and a new cooler to pack snacks and water in. 

I’m set.

Also, but appropos of nothing, it is important that I note that my gym got new exercise mats today.  Jeanne, one of my fellow gym rats, said she fully expected a blog post about these new mats.  I hate to disappoint anyone, so here you go: the mats are so clean and shiny and communicable disease free.  Honestly, the idea of community mats is a little gross, but I try not to think about it too much.  I suppose I could bring my own mat to class, but it’s just one more thing to carry.  Besides, I had to cut a piece of our yoga mat off to use for another purpose.  Don’t ask.  It would take too much time to explain.  And it’s really not all that interesting, anyway.

Happy Friday!



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