Berries and Bagels

It’s  berry o’clock.

That’s what I think when I see these pictures.

I have a tower of berries on hand.

As I’ve said before, I hate summer, but I sure do enjoy summer’s fruity bounty. 

Berries look so vibrant on a white back drop; so naturally I grabbed a plate and a few handfuls of berries and took some pictures. The pictures came out only so-so and it was cloudy when I took them, but for lack of anything else to talk about, I’ll share them anyway.

Blackberries are my favorite.  Even when they’re tart.

Raspberries are beautiful, with their jewel toned vibrancy, but taste wise, they can be hit or miss.  Safeway has raspberries on sale 4/$5; thankfully this batch is quite tasty.

I like blueberries with my yogurt in the mornings.  My mom is not a blueberry person and never bought them when I was a kid.  For a long time I didn’t think I liked them either, because my mom doesn’t, but once I tried them, I realized my mom doesn’t know that she’s talking about.  😉

Blueberries are delicious.

Strawberries are the king of all berries. 

What else can I say?

I made an impulse purchase the other day.  As if that’s anything new.

Pretzel bagels!

See, bagels and pretzels can be friends.  

I love pretzel rolls and these are just as tasty.

I inhaled one on the way to pick Caroline up from school earlier; even though I was super hungry, and at that point even my arm looked appetizing, the pretzel bagel was really good.

My activities director just informed me that we have pool plans at 3pm.  Guess I better get moving!


3 responses

  1. Yes, find them. I bought them at Giant, which does you no good, since they don't have Giant in Florida. I keep trying to leave you comments on your posts to say what a cutie Miss Piper is, but for some reason, it's not working. It's probably on my end, but I keep having to sign into blogger, which I do, but then it doesn't work and tells me to sign in again.Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm reading and enjoying your Pip-tures. 🙂

  2. I am picky when it comes to berries, and like most berry flavored things, but not the berries themselves so much. I like raspberry flavoring, but not the texture of raspberries. Same with blueberries.


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