Shattered Jar

Let me tell you a story about a girl and her obsessive pursuit to acheive optimal pantry utopia organization.  And how things can go very, very wrong.

There is some sort of hanging shelving rack on the inside door of our pantry.    On one of the shelves, I have had three glass jars.  Two jars were identical (Trader Joe’s almond butter) and one was a little shorter and a little wider (with an unknown origin, but I’m sure it was something I ate).

I had drink mixes in two of the jars and straws in the other.  However, the jars containing the drink mixes were not the identical ones; for some reason I noticed that fact this morning and fixated on it for far too long.  Instead of standing in front of the pantry, mouth agape,  wondering how I could ever let this happen, I sprung into action.  I put the straws in the shorter, wider jar and tried to distribute the drink mixes between the two identical jars.

Notice I said TRIED.
As I was happily assuaging my obsessive desires, one of the jars came crashing to the ground.  Glass shards scattered about my kitchen floor, making a potentially harmful situation, thereby destroying my perfectly organized pantry state of bliss. 
It was tragic.
And now I have two non-identical jars housing the straws and drink mixes and a garbage can full of broken glass.
Someday I’ll leave well enough alone.  Someday.
While we’re on the organization topic, yesterday I tackled my pantry shelves.  AGAIN.  It seems like I’m always doing this.  What do you expect?  It’s not like I have a life, or anything.

I bought some shelf liner, hoping that it would spiff things up a bit.

Because THIS is what the shelves look like in their au naturale state.              

Gross, right? 

So far the shelf liner is working, even though I had to use the staple gun to keep it in place.  And yes, I said to heck with my fear of the staple gun;  having a well organized pantry is worth facing even your most ridiculous fears.

In other news, I bought these popsicle molds in the dollar section at Michaels today.

They have a little straw on the end, presumably so you can drink up all the drips, instead of letting them trickle down your arm and on to the floor.

Not a bad idea, at all.

The molds were actually .50 because, unbeknownst to me, everything in that spot was on sale today.

I bought three of them,

and found it amusing that they felt the need to clarify serving size on the packaging.

I’m no Einstein, but it’s pretty easy to figure out that a package of two popsicle molds would yield two popsicles.

Now I have to figure out what to put in the molds.  I’m thinking homemade Jell-O pudding pops.



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