Sunday Morning Miscellaney

Just a few odds and ends on this Sunday morning.

Yesterday marked the end of soccer season.  The girls played their last game in the HOT sun and they won.  Caroline got hit in the face in the first quarter, but thankfully none of her teeth were affected.  Her lip hurt and then she said her ears hurt when she bit down.  She rested a bit and went back in to the game and by the end, she was feeling fine.

One of the moms, a former soccer player, said a few weeks ago, “you’re not a real soccer player unless you’ve been smacked in the mouth.”  I guess Caroline qualifies as a real player now!

We still have All-Star practice and the tournament, but other than that, we’re done until the fall.

This year Caroline’s league fielded two teams from her division for the All Star tournament.  They divided the teams into third and fourth graders.  The third grade team, Caroline’s (and her friends, Jenna and Jordan) team,  is practicing once…and then the coach will decided if they need any more practice.  The fourth grade team has already practiced three times and will practice today and all of next week.  They’re running laps, doing drills, sprinting, etc… Obviously that coach is ultra hardcore.

We have a much more laid back approach to soccer and thankfully, Caroline’s coach feels the same way.

Following yesterday’s game, we met at the coach’s house for a bbq.  They live in an older home, not of the non-descript, postage stamp sized lot, subdivision type of house.  They have a real yard.  A gorgeous, tree filled, hydrangea blooming, grass covered lawn.  The kids had a blast.  I made peanut butter cup brownies and blissful snickerdoodle blondiesEbony was pleased to be working again, even though she’s been temporarily retired.

I was happy to be baking, too.  I kind of miss it.

Caroline’s friend got an ipod touch for making the softball All Star team, which she brought it over last night to show Caroline.  She was not showing off at all, she was just really excited, but of course, Caroline was both impressed and jealous. 

She’s now saving her money to buy one for herself. 

In an effort to make some extra cash, Caroline asked if she could do some chores around the house.  I told her I’d pay her $5 a week if she’d just keep her clothes–pajamas, dirty clothes, wet bathing suits, OFF OF THE FLOOR.  It’s a constant battle and one that causes me great distress.  I’m even buying her a cute hamper for her room so that maybe she’ll be more inclined to use it.

I also threw in an extra buck a week if she’d put her shoes in the shoe basket.

We’ll see.

Only one full week of school left. 


They go to school next Monday for their usual half day and then on Tuesday, June 21, for two hours and fifteen minutes.  Seriously, school is releasing at 10:55.  As dumb as I think that is, I’m using those last two hours and fifteen minutes to my full advantage, because at 10:55 on June 21, I shall wave a tearful good bye to my freedom.


Actually, Caroline is going to a girls camp with her friend, Alayna, the following week, so I’m not really giving up my freedom until July 1.

Okay, enough miscellaneous gabbing for now.  Time to rustle up some breakfast for Caroline.  Then we have a laundry hamper to buy.

Happy Sunday!



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