NOT The Happiest Day of the Year

I think she’s mocking me.

Or, maybe that’s what kids these days call ‘dancing’?

Whatever you call it, Caroline was in fine spirits this morning.

The sky may have been grey and dreary,

but Caroline’s spirits were soaring.

Who doesn’t love the last day of school?

After a quick trip to the gym and an even quicker trip to the post office to mail Craig his running shoes, I met Caroline after school dismissed at 11am.  Naturally, she was filled with excitement and came bearing a report card full of Os.  Next year they move to letter grades.  That’s a big step in one’s elementary school career.

Good news!  Caroline is moving on to the fourth grade.

To tell you the truth, I was a little worried she might not make it.  😉

Wait….that was only if she were being promoted to the next grade based on dance moves alone.

I started wondering this morning if perhaps my expressed verbal displeasure regarding the end of the school year might give Caroline a complex.  I think she knows I’m (mostly) kidding with her, but I’d hate for her to get the wrong impression.  And then I started remembering that my mom also mourned her freedom lost at the end of each school year and then a few months later, vociferously celebrated her renewed freedom on the first day of school.

And look how normal I turned out.


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