It’s Sunday morning and I’m in desperate need of coffee, but I’m hiding up stairs. 

There are five girls asleep in my living room and I don’t want to wake them.

They went to bed late, around 1am, which for our sleepovers, is late.  We started with four girls (including Caroline).  As it started to get dark last night, two of them strapped on their roller skates and the other two grabbed their scooters.  Together, decked out and embellished with those glow sticks you can turn into bracelets and necklaces, they rolled around the neighborhood, creating their very own light show.

It’s good to be a kid.

Somewhere along the way, another girl joined in.  This girl used to live in our neighborhood, but moved a few miles away last summer.  But still, her mom’s soon to be husband’s mother lives across the street from us (!), and they were visiting.  Somehow Kyleigh joined in and was soon a part of the sleepover.

The girls had a ball, but their usually tame sleep over, turned rather loud and rambunctious.  One extra girl made all the difference.  Or perhaps it was that particular extra girl.

All I know is that Justin Bieber songs and many other Top 40 hits were being belted at the top of their lungs at midnight.  There were slap fights and someone got bitten.  All playfully, of course.

There was talk of putting whipped cream on the first girl who fell asleep (how cliche) but I put the kibosh on that.  “No whipped cream on my couch” is a rule I strictly adhere to.

Despite the uncharacteristic raise in decibel levels and the later than usual bed time, the girls had fun. No one got hurt, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.

I still would really like to drink some coffee.  If the living room wasn’t so closely connected to the kitchen I would.  If our stairs weren’t creaky, I might.  But at this point, having five peacefully sleeping girls trumps caffeine.

Eventually I’ll be released from my bedroom floor prison and the caffeine can flow freely through my veins.  Until then, I should probably enjoy the silence…..because it won’t last long.

Happy Sunday!

5 responses

  1. Ha! I couldn't help but laugh at your predicament. Jeff felt that way this morning Piper was sleeping in our room and he wante a shower, but as to not wake the dragon he went to church unshowered and unshaved. Such is life right?


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