There Goes My Career As A Pro Bowler


I took Caroline and two of her friends bowling today.  Usually, I save bowling for the end of the summer when the kids are tired of the pool and, quite frankly, tired of each other.  It seems that this summer is dragging along WAY TOO SLOW and our lackluster rectangular pool doesn’t compare to the fun we have at the neighboring subdivision’s pool.  Unfortunately for us, our ticket to the exciting pool (with the real deep end where you can dive), is on vacation for the next two weeks.  How rude!

So what is a desperate mom to do?

Why, she goes to the bowling alley, of course.

Besides, the weather is super yucky today; hot, cloudy and ridiculously muggy.  What better way to spend a gross day than inside an air conditioned building throwing slick, heavy balls around?

Normally we all bowl with the special bumpers, which prevent every ball a kid bowls from ending up in the gutter.  The bumpers are genius.  Unless you like to hear kids cry after every gutter ball, that is.   However, the bowling alley implemented a new system which prevents adults from using the bumpers.  Boo Hiss.

I need the bumpers.  No, really, I do.  Caroline once beat me WITH the bumpers.  That’s how bad I am at bowling.  Did I mention she was five at the time?

See, I told you.

Anyhoo, despite the realization that my bowling score was going to suffer horribly, thus ending any chance I had of becoming a professional bowler, I still held my own.  I even bowled three strikes.  AND I won a game!  Yee haw!  Caroline won the first game; Rachel won the last.  Sarah didn’t fair as well, but I think she was more interested in scoping out the pre teen boy crowd than focusing on her bowling.  Oh to be twelve again!

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves (save for a few self-pity filled pouty moments –no, not MINE) which was the goal.  My one wish for Caroline and friends is that they really enjoy their young lives and create fun memories with their friends.  They have their whole adulthood to worry about the details; for now, I just want them to have fun.

Before long they’ll be the mom who is trying to survive summer break without having a nervous breakdown. 

For now I just want them to be quiet kids.



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