The Patient

We went back to the doctor today because Caroline, aka the Queen of the Lengthy Illness, is still not quite right.  And, of course, the verdict remains the same:  it’s a virus. 

I hate those words. 


Because viruses aren’t fixable.  They involve waiting it out.  They’re unpredictable, untreatable and in Caroline’s case, epic in length.

The doctor suggested a blood draw and a compete blood count test to rule out infection.  Caroline, quite thankfully, is a good patient.  She’s also unafraid of needles.  This is quite a desirable trait in a child and I’m happy she possesses it.  She was a real trooper today.  She’s dehydrated because she hasn’t had an appetite for six days.  Dehydration = collapsed veins and thick  blood.  It’s really hard to find a workable vein on the arm of a dehydrated child.  After the nurse attempted to search for a vein and turned up unsuccessful, we went to the hospital cafeteria and bought some Gatorade.  After some serious chugging to rehydrate, they were able to find a useable vein.  Sadly though, the blood was THICK and didn’t want to fill the tube.

Sorry. Is this TMI?

Anyway, they finally got enough blood and Caroline didn’t make a peep.  She’s a tough chick.  She did want me to take a picture of her arm and post it on the  blog.  Ha!

The blood tests all came back normal, which is great…except it still leaves us without a real diagnosis. 

I guess it really is just a virus.


Caroline did say she was feeling better when we returned home, which is good.  But, I won’t believe it until she eats a full meal, gets a restful night of sleep and wakes up her usual perky self.

I fear Spanish camp is a complete wash.  Even if she is feeling better tomorrow, she’s missed too much and it would be hard for her to catch up.  On Friday the camp kids are having a little show for the parents; Caroline doesn’t know the songs and I know she’d feel really awkward  being there.

Nope, I think this summer will end with her as clueless about Spanish as she was last year.

Oh well.  At least we have our health.  Wait……

In other news, if you check out the right hand sidebar of the blog ————–>
(under the I’m Alison. I’m Neurotic title) you’ll see that I’ve made a page dedicated to baking.   Being stuck at home with a sick kid does wonders for your productivity.  There isn’t anything new or earth shattering there; just a list of my favorite recipes and some pictures; if you’re looking for something tried and true to bake, please check it out.


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