Orange Fanta Chaser

On trip number two (of three) to the doctors this week to somehow convince them to give me something other than  an ‘it’s a virus’ diagnosis (unsuccessful, by the way), Caroline was prescribed some Zantac to help with the early morning yuckies she’s been dealing with.  Caroline can swallow pills like a pro, but because she’s a kid and only needs a certain mg of the Zantac, which does not come in pill form, she was left with the nasty tasting liquid form.

Thankfully, she doesn’t put up a fuss when having to drink yucky liquid medicine, but still, I’m no tyrant and I certainly wanted to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Enter the Orange Fanta chaser.

Normally we hide the medicine in grape juice, but our quick stop at Ft. Belvoir’s convenience store (the Shopette) left us high and dry on our search for grape juice.  Instead, we opted for the next best thing:  orange soda.  That was Caroline’s doing, of course.  I wanted her to have orange juice, or anything even remotely more ‘natural’ in flavor and appearance.  However,  I’m putty in Caroline’s  hands when she’s sick, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve let her take over my bed, leaving me to sleep it out in the guest room.

So, orange Fanta it is.

We put the Zantac in one medicine cup, topped off with a little Fanta to mask as much of the taste as possible,

and immediately chase it with a cup of pure orangey goodness.

The Fanta isn’t very bubbly anymore, but Caroline doesn’t seem to care.

I’m happy to report that we seem to be on the other side of this crazy virus.  Caroline has been feeling much better and her appetite has increased, although the mornings are still a little ‘off.’  She’s been talking about bacon like crazy, which I consider a good thing.  One, because bacon is delicious and two, because it means she’s feeling better.  The doctors have done their best to convince me that this type of long, drawn out illness isn’t out of the ordinary.

All I know is that this has been one very long and stressful week and I’d like to thank the makers of Diet Coke and Edy’s light peanut butter cup ice cream for helping me through.

Happy Saturday, all!


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  1. We went to the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta when we lived in Georgia and you can taste all the different Coca Cola products from around the world. There were a lot of Fanta flavors and not just the usual grape and orange. Some were definitely interesting. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, it’s a lot of fun. I think it’s called The World of Coke or maybe it’s The Coca Cola Museum, I don’t know, but I do know it’s in Atlanta. If you’re ever out that way, I recommend a visit.


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