Start Me Up

So, I got to use some jumper cables today.

Much to my displeasure, Craig’s car didn’t want to start this morning; it made the familiar click-click-click sound it made the last time the battery died, a mere sixteen months ago.  What is up with car batteries and various other automobile related problems occurring only when he’s deployed?  Thankfully we have two cars, so I didn’t have to miss going to the gym again, because then I would have kicked the car, called it mean names and had a big ugly cry in the parking lot.  Instead, I drove my car to the gym and actually forgot about Craig’s car until I returned from my workout.  And what a workout it was.  It’s amazing how much strength and fitness you lose in two weeks of inactivity.  What used to be a breeze during BodyPump, left my muscles a quivering mess today.  I even had to drop back on some weight, which is not like me at all.  I hope I regain my lost strength immediately.

So after lunch and a declaration that it’s too hot to deal with car issues, I capriciously decided I couldn’t wait a minute longer and just had to jump start Craig’s car. NOW.  All it took was a quick YouTube refresher video and a call to my dad before I felt confident that I wouldn’t set either of our cars on fire while I pretended to be a grease monkey.  I parked my car next to Craig’s and gave it a jump.  It worked!  And I didn’t electrocute myself.  Or blow up either of the engines.

Score one for Alison.

I don’t know why the battery died, but if it doesn’t hold its charge within the next few days, I’ll know something is up, which will require the skill of someone much more skillful than me.

Until then…..go me!

In other news, my dishwasher isn’t draining properly and I still have a hole in my ceiling.  A contractor is supposed to come this week and give my landlord an estimate on the hole repair; that’s when I’ll deliver the dishwasher news.  Of course this happened just one day after he installed a new garbage disposal.

At times like this, when things drip and fall apart, it makes me very thankful that we are renters and not homeowners.

In more other news, school starts in three weeks.  Yee. Haw. Words cannot effectively express how happy this makes me.  Caroline and friends do not share my excitement, but they also don’t seem to share my concern for keeping the house clean and whine free.  Have I mentioned how long of a summer this has been?  It’s been long and September 6th cannot come quickly enough.

Is this a choppy, disjointed post, or what?

I don’t have too much time to post, actually, so that should explain things.  Caroline is currently at soccer camp, but the storm clouds are rolling in and I need to be ready in a moment’s notice to retrieve her.  Tomorrow we have swimming plans followed by soccer camp and I need to do some grocery shopping, so who knows if I’ll be able to post at all tomorrow.

I trust you’ll do your darndest to go on as best you can.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back eventually with something incredibly useless to report.

I’m nothing if not useless.



2 responses

  1. I’ve had good practice. Something has gone wrong every time he’s deployed. And usually a computer blows up, too. Thank goodness for roadside assistance….if the need arises.


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