Kids Are Strange

This is The Neurotic Household’s Mess Maker-In-Chief.

She also answers to Caroline, but I prefer to call her messy.  Even her face is messy!  This girl has no time for details, you know, like wiping her face and such.  She had macaroni and cheese for lunch, in case the drip of cheese sauce on her chin didn’t make that clear enough for you.

The other day, Miss Mess Maker decided she wanted to make a cast for her arm out of paper mache.  She heard, read or saw somewhere that you can make a paper mache glue like substance out of flour and water.  I had never heard such a thing, but, for reasons I still do not understand, I let her do it.

Once the ‘glue’ was mixed, she carefully applied the strips of newspaper she cut out.

Miss Mess Maker gave a valiant effort, even though this project was doomed from the start.  Her arm was wrapped entirely in sticky, wet newspaper strips, but the ‘glue’ was too heavy and it all started to fall off.  She had fun, though.  In that diabolical, mess loving way of hers.

The mess Miss Mess Maker left was tragic.

I still have flour stuck in the grooves of our hardwood floor.  And yet, despite my love for cleanliness and not having flour in every crack and crevice of my kitchen, I let her do these things without hesitation.  Making messes is part of being a kid.

It may not have been a successful venture, but at least Miss Mess Maker’s hair looked cute.

Evil.  She’s pure evil.  Her eyes say it all.


And she knows it.

You can tell in this picture that she’s plotting her next big mess making move.  Oh wait….she already did it.  It involved her friend Rachel and more flour and water; this time, the end result was pancakes.  Gluey, startchy, tasteless pancakes.

And a really big mess.


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    • I know. I tried to tell her. She said, ‘no, I saw or read somewhere that you could use flour and water.’ She was pretty adament about it, though. Stubborn child. 🙂


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