All Shook Up (lame, I know)

So, it appears that we had an earthquake today.  The reports say it was of a 5.9 magnitude.  I don’t know if this is true or not because I didn’t feel a thing.

I guess you don’t feel earthquakes when you’re outside. 

We were walking to the playground at Caroline’s school when the ground apparently started shaking.  A couple of teachers were in the building and came out as we walked by.  They asked if we felt anything and I was like, ‘felt what?’ I guess that answered their question.

At the time, they weren’t sure what happened.  That is, until the school secretary came running out of the building saying there was an earthquake.  She ran to her van, saying something about not being able to get a hold of someone (her daughter, I think), jumped in her van and sped away like she was driving the getaway car.

Maybe I wasn’t as shaken up (heh)  because I didn’t feel it.  Or maybe it’s because I’m generally an under-reactor.  Or perhaps it’s because my years spent growing up in California have rendered me earthquake immune, but I didn’t quite feel the same sense of urgency our school secretary did.

Some pictures fell down.  The roof is still intact.  The power didn’t go out; although cell phone service was interrupted momentarily.

Traffic is backed up.  People are freaking out.  Buildings are being evacuated.

And I didn’t feel a thing.


8 responses

  1. You know, when we got home from the park, the first thing I did was check Facebook and Twitter. It didn’t even occur to me to turn on the news! Doh. At least it has given us something to talk about. 🙂

    • Thanks Hilary! My sister felt it in down in Charlotte, too. I can’t believe we didn’t feel anything….although my friend, who was going to the playground with me, but was up ahead of me, said she saw the street sign move, but not enough to lead her to believe it was an earthquake. Pure craziness, I tell you.

  2. No Alison, there is no such thing as Earthquake Immune!!! Take it from me who has lived in California her whole life and felt many of them – I never don’t get scared – is that a great sentence or what?!?!!?

  3. I know what you mean, favorite auntie. It’s always a little scary when everything starts shaking. My neighbor, who grew up in California, was laughing at his coworkers and how the city freaked out, but he said, he was on the 17th floor of his building and began to question the ingregity of the building. Virginia doesn’t have earthquake building codes like our friends in California do.

    I think Caroline is bummed that she didn’t feel it, though. 🙂

  4. I felt it here in Greensboro. Our building shook pretty good for about 30 seconds. No one really knew what it was though, until people’s cell phones started vibrating and texts were asking “did you feel the earthquake?” I was in a seminar for art teachers at the time and we joked about it being an earthquake and then felt stupid that it actually was one and we didn’t do anything. LOL.

    • Ha! I mean, really? Who would of thought we’d have an earthquake that was felt from NC all the way to Canada? Of course, that means they don’t really teach earthquake drill info on the east coast. Stop, drop and roll. Wait…duck and cover. Yep, that’s it. And if you’re home, stand in a doorway. Or, apparently, if you go outside you won’t feel it at all.


      And now we’re getting a hurricane. Hope it’s not the end of the world! 🙂


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