Sure, I’ll Hold Your Backpack

Truth be told, I’m not an amusement park person.  I don’t like roller coasters.  I don’t like loop-de-loops and tilt-a-whirls.  I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and my lunch inside my stomach.  Caroline, on the other hand, is an amusement park person.  She adores everything I hate.  Thankfully we have plenty of friends who are on Caroline’s side of the amusement park fence.

I’ve discovered that everyone has a different idea of fun.  Some are thrill seekers.  Some are party people.  Some shop for fun. Some climb mountains, jump from airplanes and repel from buildings.  For instance, I won’t go on a roller coaster, but I’ll pay $80 to run 13.1 miles….or $165 to run twice that distance.  To me, racing is fun, and a worthwhile way to spend my time.  But many people I know think I’m sick in the head.  To each their own, right?

So yesterday we went to King’s Dominion with some friends.  In total we had four adults and seven children.  And we had a blast.  I, of course, remained firmly planted on the ground at all times.  I took pictures, stayed with the little kids who were too short to ride some of the roller coasters and, why, yes, I held other people’s backpacks and drinks while they twisted, turned and put their lives in the hands of ambivalent teenagers who controlled their destinies with one push of a button.

The weather was gorgeous; the lines were non-existent; the company was lively and fun.

Even though I’m not an amusement park person, I can still have a good time.

Taking pictures of my goof ball kid is my idea of fun.

But going on rides named

is NOT.  Never fear; I made do while the remaining daredevils in our party risked life and limb on the thrill rides.

I people watched.

I took pictures of my intrepid spawn,

and of pretty foliage.

I also, against my better judgment, let a five year old use my camera, which was, by far, the bravest thing I did all day.

(Photos of me, courtesy of Jaden, age 5)

See I told you I was carrying other people’s back packs.

In the spirit of keeping it real, even Caroline has her limits.

The Intimidator 305, was a no go.

But the drop tower was a GO.


Eventually the sun went down and it was time to go home.

We left the park, with tired legs and tired eyes, but memories of a fun-filled day.  Eleven friends, neighbors, school buddies and soccer teammates, happy, healthy and physically unscathed.

Well, we did have ONE casualty.

Sure, I’m a big wuss.  I’m a yellow-bellied, first class, wimp of the highest order.  And you know what?  I’m okay with that.  I still had fun.

But best of all, Caroline had the time of her life.  That’s what matters most.


Besides, my fun begins on September 18th when I run the first of four races in as many weeks.


3 responses

  1. I know I’m in the roller coaster hating minority. Most people are way more fun than me. 🙂

    Some of the rides are really scary; that Intimidator 305 goes 305 feet in the air. The force of the drop causes people to lose their vision for a couple of seconds. Yeah, no thanks. Evidently when they first opened the ride, it was faster and they had to slow it down because too many people were blacking out. Eeep!

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