Blogger’s Block

I honestly hate that I’ve only been posting every other day or so, but I really don’t have a whole lot to report.  I guess that’s what happens when you have a boring life.

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, we’re down to a few days before school starts on Tuesday.  If only you could see my toothy smile, a la Giada DeLaurentis, through the computer screen.  In anticipation of the big day, I took Caroline for her traditional back-to-school hair cut this morning, followed by lunch at Panera.  Because she’s sneaky and always manages to weasel lunch out of me.  She should consider being a politician one day.

Caroline has been growing her hair out, so we didn’t need much done to it, other than trim up the edges and get rid of the damage a summer of swimming pool chlorine did to it.  We’re not fancy girls (read: I’m kinda cheap) so we just go to the Hair Cuttery and put our hair in the hands of whomever is wielding scissors that day.  Who said I wasn’t adventurous?   The lady did a nice job on Caroline’s hair, but I learned a very valuable lesson:  when they say they charge extra to blow dry long hair, they’re not joking around.

A $21 wash/cut/dry cost $31!  And what annoys me the most is that Caroline’s hair isn’t that long at all.  It’s perhaps an inch and half, *maybe* two inches, below her shoulders.  Do you think that’s unreasonable?  I kind of do.

I paid her anyway.  I’m not good at speaking my mind, nor do I like to make waves.

Guess we won’t be springing for the blow dry next time.

In other news, I’ve grown addicted to eating those hard sourdough pretzels.  They’re okay plain, but I like to spread some Laughing Cow cheese on them.  Or peanut butter.  Or Nutella.  I’m afraid I might break a tooth on one because they’re so hard, but that fear hasn’t stopped me yet.  I’ve gone through two bags in as many weeks….all by myself.  I guess it’s better than ice cream.  Speaking of ice cream, I’ve declared September to be No Ice Cream Month.  I’ve been dipping into the carton a little too much lately and I’d like to rectify that situation before the button on my pants pops off. I should be totally honest and say that September is No Ice Cream From A Carton Month.  I’ll probably eat an ice cream sandwich or two, because I need to have something to fill the void,  but I will not allow myself to have a free for all with the carton.  Whole cartons are dangerous for those who cannot handle the portion control thing.

So, as you can see, so much is happening.  I actually spent the majority of the afternoon in state of home decor panic.  Bet you didn’t know there was such a thing, now did you?  Well, in my neurotic house, this is a reoccurring situation.  It all started with an orange pitcher and concluded with me paying $8.39 in shipping charges for something I could have bought at Target.

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.  AFTER I run ten miles.

Happy Saturday.


2 responses

  1. Invest in some 1/2 cup plastic containers and fill them with ice cream from the carton. WW trick.
    P.S. I’m writing this from my phone.I’m so 2011.

  2. I love all the back to school traditions! I hate to admit it, but I’m bad about eating ice cream, too. I’m fine if I don’t buy it, but if it’s in fridge, I can’t resist it! Have a great run!*


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