It All Started With An Orange Pitcher

But, first things first:  Ten miles.  DONE.

I know this isn’t a running blog, but every now and then I post the big run times, mostly so I’ll remember them.  Even though I have the Garmin, I simply cannot be bothered to upload the info on to the computer like every other Garmin owner does.  I’m impossible sometime.

This wasn’t my most favorite run of all times, but I did it, and I guess that’s what matters most.  I think I’m getting really bored running around our neighborhood and surrounding areas.  Once school starts, I can revisit my favorite Mt. Vernon Trail for a few long runs.  That way I can make a pit stop at Starbucks, like the addict I am, which exponentially elevates the enjoyment factor of any  long run.

So now that the hard part is over, I can move on an enjoy the rest of my day.  Which, I’m ‘enjoying’ by doing laundry.  Also, apropos of nothing, I have that Lazy song by Bruno Mars stuck in my head and I keep saying “I ain’t gonna comb my hair, cuz I ain’t going anywhere.” and “I’ll just strut in my birthday suit and let everything loose.”  Ha!  Good times.

Okay, so back to my orange pitcher.

I have these two sets of short bookcase shelves in my kitchen.  Back in February, I decided I needed a brightly colored pitcher  to embellish one of the shelves with.  I couldn’t find an orange one like I had envisioned, so I opted for a yellow one.  But, I never really LOVED it  on the shelves and I ended up giving it to my friend, because it fit her kitchen much better.  In the mean time, I had something in its place, but I was never truly happy with the set up.  Makes you wonder how my life could ever go on, right?

So yesterday when Caroline and I were out getting her back to school hair cut, we swung by Ross and I saw the orange pitcher.

I realize it’s just an orange pitcher; it’s not going to save the world or cure cancer, but in my little self absorbed world,  I took it as a sign from heaven that I needed to purchase that pitcher.

So, I did.

And then my wheels started turning.  Here’s a tid bit of info about me:  once the wheels start turning, they don’t stop until I’m completely satisfied.  In general, I’m never completely satisfied, so I settle for ‘satisfied enough to go on with my life without having to stay up all night worrying about the placement of pitchers and bowls and plates on my kitchen shelves.’

But actually, we weren’t going to Ross to look for an orange pitcher.  We were going to look for white plates to replace these plates

which once hung in a plate rack on my kitchen wall.  I wanted the orange plates to reside on the shelves (again, with the shelves!) and figured crisp white plates would be a nice bright replacement for the vibrant orange ones.

I successfully found some white plates at Homegoods.  But I’ll get to those in a minute.

When we got home, I started rearranging things.  I went from not enough orange to too much orange.   This bowl…

a bowl that once sat in the middle of our kitchen table was now contributing to the  orange overkill, so I moved it.   But then my table was naked.

Can’t have a naked table, right?

So, what’s a neurotic girl to do?   Well, this neurotic girl went on a manic hunt in her house looking for anything crisp and white that might serve as a table centerpiece.  I found a bowl….too big.  Then I put this white pitcher:

which sits on my entertainment center, in the middle of the table and I knew that was it.

Except, one problem…….I don’t have anything to replace the pitcher on the entertainment center and I can’t have a naked spot on my entertainment center….so I did the next, most logical (in my brain) thing:  I went to Target to buy another one!  Except they didn’t have any, even though the Target website said they had ‘limited stock’ in my local store.

I guess limited is retail speak for ‘sold out.’

And that’s when I went home and bought one online….paying $8.39 in shipping and handling.  That’s what happens when you’re a neurotic girl stuck in a cyclical maze of home decor horror.  HORROR, I tell you.   I figured it would be better to pay $8.39 for shipping than lay in bed all night pondering my options.

Oh, but before I even went to Target, I stopped by Michael’s to search for something crafty to embellish my plain white plates with.

Boring, right?

I bought these vinyl decals:

Perhaps it’s me.  Or perhaps it’s the lack of instructions in this package, but these things were a big dud.  Why wouldn’t they include instructions other than the oh-so-helpful  ‘clean surface and apply’?

But that didn’t stop me.  Oh no it didn’t.  I was a woman on a decorating mission.

Once I couldn’t get those decals to work, I then fixated on finding decals that would work.   And by’ finding decals that would work’  I mean I ordered some on Etsy from some lady in Mexico.

I’m exhausted.  Are you exhausted from reading this?

As it stands, I have an orange pitcher, boring white plates, a naked table, numerous charges to my credit card and vinyl decals arriving from Mexico.

And somewhere in Afghanistan, Craig is thanking his lucky stars he wasn’t here to live out this decorating drama in person.

Can’t say that I’d blame him.


6 responses

  1. This cracks me up. Totally. I mean, I’ve had problems with decorating before, but nothing that ever drove me to the internet to purchase anything.

  2. Hi Alison! Fairly new reader (not sure where I followed you over from but we read a lot of the same healthy living blogs and now I follow you on twitter).
    Anyway, we are kinda/sorta neighbors! I live in Old Town and am a mom and runner and do all my runs on the MV bike path. I’m doing the Wilson Bridge next month (you wouldn’t guess that based on the fact that I’ve just taken a week off of running but I’m not thinking about that right now). So, if you are ever interested in a run, I am up for it (hopefully).
    Just so you know know I’m not a complete lunatic/stalker, you can find me on FB (Melissa Smith Roy) and twitter: MMRoy68.

    • Hi Melissa. Thanks for reading! I LOVE Old Town! I live near Ft. Belvoir, so we’re not too far apart. I’m running the Wilson Bridge half next month, too. Summer has thrown a kink in my ‘training’ so what I’ve done training wise is pretty informal and kind of willy-nilly. I’m definitely not feeling very confident. I also just signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in December at National Harbor. Running and chocolate are two of my favorite things.

      Now I’ll have to find you on Twitter! 🙂


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