Three Quick Things

1.  School starts tomorrow!

2. Caroline has outgrown all of her jeans.  I thought the ones she wore in the spring were  roomy enough to still fit this fall, even with an expected growth spurt, but I was wrong.  Guess she did a lot of growing this summer.  Thankfully she has shorts to wear until the weather cools down.  I nearly had a panic attack over this (rather insignificant) situation this morning, but I refrained from rushing out to the store to buy her new jeans this afternoon (although I really wanted to).   I really wish I had her try on those jeans earlier….like last week when jeans were on sale at Target for $10.

3.  For the past two nights, I haven’t wanted anything chocolatey or sweet for dessert.  I wanted fruit.  But fruit is not dessert.  I don’t get it; what is wrong with me!?

Time to get ready for school tomorrow!  Yee haw!


2 responses

  1. Whoo hoo I am on the hourly countdown here!! Emily shot up another size over the summer too, crazy kids! Have a great lunch with the gym ladies 🙂 See you soon!


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