Betrayed by rain.

How could rain, the thing I love so much, betray me?  While everyone cursed the rain; claimed ‘enough is enough’; complained, whined, moaned and groaned, I never waffled.  Not once.  My love for rain knows no bounds.  It’s unceasing and unconditional.  Well, it’s unconditional with ONE exception:  standing in the rain during a soccer match kind of sucks.  Oh, and rain on race day isn’t so great either.

All this love from me and then it goes and floods portions of Fairfax County, causing the school district to cancel classes today.


Generally, I don’t forgive and forget all that easily, but today I’m in good spirits (powered by my affection for gloomy storm clouds, I suppose) and am therefore willing to give the wet stuff a second chance.  Even though school was canceled and I didn’t get to go to the gym,  I’ll graciously absolve rain of its recent school closing/routine interrupting transgressions.

Besides, the kids are outside, having a ball.  And the less they bother me, the better.

Also….I’m not out of coffee, diet Pepsi, vegetables, chocolate or tortilla chips.  With all my food vices conveniently at my fingertips, this  canceled school day (and my lack of gym time) shall not affect my spirits.

Not one bit.

Betrayed, but not dismayed.



2 responses

  1. School closed as a result of rain? That’s never happened to me. We did once close school bc a water pipe broke and the toilets were no longer working. It was gross and very necessary to send everyone home!*

  2. Eww, yes, that’s definitely a reason to cancel school. Fairfax County is pretty large, so even though we weren’t affected by the heavy rains/flooding, people north of us were, so they closed school for the day. It’s the same thing in the winter. Last Jan or Feb they canceled because of ice. If the buses can’t run safely, they cancel.


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