Today I went to the gym for 8am Body Attack class.

Today I bought bananas because I graciously allowed Caroline to eat my last banana last night.  I’m selfless like that.

Today I went to Michael’s and bought some stuff I didn’t need.

Today I hid in my bedroom for four hours whilst Caroline and two friends built the world’s largest tent (again!) in my living room.  I watched tennis, the Food Network and The Gilmore Girls and surfed the internet.

Today I was snacky.  And useless.  And kind of pathetic.

Tomorrow I shall run in the morning; thanks to this afternoon’s snack attack, I’m effectively fueled for running.

Tomorrow I’m taking Caroline jeans shopping because the jeans I bought her at Target didn’t fit.

Tomorrow I’ll probably have a meltdown because pants sizing is ridiculous and trying to find jeans that fit Caroline is just as hard as trying to find jeans that fit me.

Tomorrow I will rejoice that school is back in session on monday.

What did you do today?


6 responses

    • Body Attack is intense, but I love it. The name says it all.

      Ugh, jeans shopping is not for the faint of heart. Caroline is long and lean, but she’s not a waif. Girlfriend is solid…like her mother. Craig says we have titanium bones.
      So, skinny jeans are out. But that’s all they make! ugh. I get all worked up just thinking about it.

  1. Today I got my hair cut.
    Today I cooked chicken.
    Today I got suckered by a computer scam person and didn’t realize it until he directed me to a website that required me to buy something and by then he had infected my computer with a virus.
    Today I spent (only) one hour talking to a nice man in southern India who removed the virus.
    Today I went to church.
    Today I am about to eat the chicken I cooked earlier.
    Today I will put the sheets back on my bed so tonight I can sleep in them.
    Tomorrow I have “homework” to do from work.
    I could use a cookie.

  2. I took three seasons of Gilmore Girls with me to Afghanistan and watched them so many times I think I memorized them! Great show!

    Good luck with the jeans shopping. I hate jean shopping for myself (probably something to do with my 6 foot stature), so I can’t imagine having to do it for a kid. I’ll be sending good vibes your way! 🙂

    • Thanks!

      Caroline’s first grade teacher was six feet tall…I remember her telling me how hard it is to find pants (and shorts). And of course, the best fitting ones were naturally the most expensive, as well. I’m sure you can relate.

      I have the opposite problem; even short jeans are sometimes too long on me.

      But still, I’d rather shop for jeans than a bathing suit. Ha!


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