The Hills Are Alive In Lorton Virginia


Long time no blog. Three days is a long time, right?  I guess I just don’t have much to say.

Friday was boring.

Saturday we went to Caroline’s soccer game.  They lost 3-2. Then we went to rent a viola because Caroline is taking a strings class this year.  I honestly didn’t know what a viola was; it looks like a violin, but its tone is a little bit deeper, which might hopefully eliminate some of that violin squeaking new violinists are apt to let emit from their instrument.  Let’s hope, anyway.  After I signed my life away to the music store, we went to Trader Joes.  I bought some vegetables and almond butter while Caroline feasted on mac n cheese, apple cider and ice cream free samples.   That, as sad as it may be, was the highlight of our Saturday.

God bless free samples.

This morning I ran the first of four races I’m signed up for.  I’m actually signed up for six races, but the last two are in December and March.  Today’s race was a 10kThe last, and only 10k I ran, wasn’t my finest performance because 1) I was feeling all sinusy and 2) there was a huge demoralizing hill.  Thankfully my sinuses were clear this morning, despite having a raspy, scratchy throat last night from yelling cheering during Caroline’s soccer game, but the hills, while not as steep as Mt. Demoralizer, were rolling and plentiful.

Plenty can be a good thing.  Plenty of money.  Plenty of food.  Plenty of friends.

Plenty of hills….eh, not so much.

But, that’s okay.  I was ready (ish) for the hills and I conquered them.  This morning I shaved over four minutes off of my last 10k time, by finishing in 51:40.

It was a nice race.  The best part being that it was held at a local high school so we got to use actual bathrooms before the race instead of the dreaded port-o-potty.  Man, I hate those things.

The race was done before 9; I stopped for a coffee to warm up and now that I’m home, fed and showered, I fully intend to continue my boring ways by having a boring, uneventful Sunday.

It’s a good thing I excel at boring.

Happy Sunday!


4 responses

    • Thanks, Amy. Yes, hills blow. Sadly, Northern Virginia is filled with them. Seriously, we have a surplus. Shall I send some to Texas? It’s funny, though. When you’re in your car, the rolling hills are quite a lovely sight. But when you’re running? Horror. Sheer horror. Blech.

  1. You forgot Plenty of Good N Plenty!

    I’ve recently discovered Mad Men. It’s one 3 episodes in a row on Sunday mornings. Yay DVR!
    Very strange and addicting show.
    I will call you Tuesday as soon as we land (at Dulles). I hope Stacy and/or Clinton won’t be around. I’m wearing a lime(ish) green polo shirt with an American flag patch and my smeakers and an orangey pinky sweatshirt in case it gets cold. I figured out how to cram everything I need in a pack with a long strap that I can wear across my chest.
    My work camera is teeny but it takes great pictures (Nikon). IT takes great pictures. Me? Sometimes I get lucky.
    Happy Sunday!

    • Blech, I puposefully left out Good N Plentys.

      You can call, but I may not answer. Call my cell phone and hope for the best. Or text. My plan is to go to the gym then get Caroline from school at 1130 and go straight to the Metro.

      Hopefully it’ll be a smooth flight for you. Do they travel with nurses? Those people be old. 🙂


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